Sunday, March 20, 2011

SERIOUS error on BACKSPACE contest

And it's on me. I just realized I made a mistake on the last entries. I thought they had to be received by 3/15. In fact the rules clearly say postmarked by 3/15.  Bad shark.

IF you get your SASE back with a note saying you were disqualified, RESEND.
Include the note you got so we can be sure you are in that group.

I'm VERY sorry for the consternation.

Three chomps of the shark jaw for me.

Questions?  Email me.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the shark got overly excited about the new entry to the reef.

jesse said...

It's like my grandma used to say: to err is Selachimorphan.

LeeAnn Flowers said...

I am very happy to see someone who has no problem admitting an error, which in your case was very understandable. You apologized, took responsibility, and made amends. I commend you in this era of 'pass-the-buck' mentality.

Thank you for your integrity.

Joanne said...

I thought the entries had to be both post marked and received by the 15th. Hummmm, probably read it wrong. Not that it matters much. Happy Reading.

Rick Anderson said...

It looks like contact information needed to be on the two pages of copy too. Just got my DQ note in the mail... ^%$&*^%&*&^% Q!

Janet Reid said...

Rick, there was no cover letter included. Just pages. With no contact info. :(( sorry

Rick Anderson said...

Gosh, I thought I sent both the query letter and the first two pages. Even had my secretary check both were included in the envelope. We must have both made the mistake????

Ouchie Momma.

Very disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing if I made the cut.

8 (