Thursday, February 03, 2011

Why I am Suzie's Assistant

Cause some days, Elizabeth is busy.


Margaret Yang said...

Everyone should have an alter ego named Elizabeth.

My personal Elizabeth needs to take some classes from Suzie's Elizabeth, though, becuase I'm sure my Elizabeth couldn't be that polite.

wry wryter said...

I was once my own assistant - actually I was my own secretary when being someone’s secretary was more acceptable then being their ass-t.
When the caller said, “who the hell am I taking to,” I hesitated, “ah…Mrs…Ah Loomis.
To this day I have not one clue where the name Loomis came from.
So, from then on my employees and now even my kids, when they think they are being funny by trying to get my attention when the last thing I want to do is give it to them, they address me as Mrs. Ah…Loomis.
No, I have not changed the name, the world now knows my alter ego.
She’s really much nicer than me, she‘s better looking and after all these years she hasn‘t aged a bit.
Me I‘m an old hag with an identity problem.

A Funny Daddy. said...

Sadly, age is no barrier to such behaviour. Many are quite unconscious as to their actions. Point it out to them, and they just get even more riled. Best to do those breathing exercises, and console one’s self with a stiff drink (or ten) at the end of the day. A good medium red or a single malt - but not an Islay.

Which do you find worse, the obnoxious, condescending ‘important person’ or the smarmy, oily one who flatters and fawns on you?

If you collected all these experiences, both funny and cringe worthy, you could publish them in a book. Perhaps along the lines of what not to do/say when seeking a literary agent. A possible gap in the market, as most advice is how to seek an agent.

Oops, I shouldn’t have said that.