Friday, February 04, 2011


We've opened and replied to all letters received as of: 2/4/2011
If you have not received your SASE within 10 days, RESEND.

Do not paperclip your SASE to your query and pages.

Do not send a synopsis in place of a query and pages.

Do not send anything but a query letter and pages. We will throw it away.
(so far that list includes business cards, bookmarks, and pictures)

Do not address your query to Nancy Coffey. The agents judging the contest are:

Janet Reid
Suzie Townsend
Joanna Volpe
Sara Kendall
Meredith Barnes

Make SURE you include your email address on your query.

Queries MUST be one page ONLY (and not in an infinitesimal size font: TNR 10 or 12)


Amber J. Gardner said...

Contest? There's a query contest? May I ask where the rules to this contest are?

Orlando said...

I wasn't aware of a query contest either. Is this a new contest starting now, or an existing contest for which we are too late to enter? If we are still able to enter please provide the information as to where to send our work, and the rules of the contest.

Kaleen said...

Here's the correct info. Thanks!

Lynn(e) said...

The contest goes til March 15th (must be post-marked). Read back through the blog, the instructions are written out. (It's the blog around January 24th-ish). It's for registration for the Backspace Writers Conference.

Janet Reid said...

The contest is posted here