Friday, February 25, 2011

Backspace query letter contest update**

My favorite line among the incoming queries today:

"When he came home, she was waiting in the kitchen with a shotgun."

We've replied to all queries received as of today (most recent date on the letters was 2/18)  and the SASE's are in today's mail.

And just an FYI:

"Dear Respectable Agent" makes us all laugh.
And make a list of why that salutation doesn't apply to any of us.

**If you have no clue what contest I'm talking about, here's the post that will help you.


TheChosenDarkness said...

Hmmm, makes me wonder if they have ever researched about how to write a query letter or how to address an agent. *shakes head* Ah well, I guess they have to learn some time, yes?

Any way, I hope you having a good day and good luck with that contest and those query letters!


Lydia said...

That's my favorite way to arrive home; you don't get better cardio than having a woman with a shotgun waiting for you in your kitchen...or do you?