Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's been one of those days, part two

It's been one of those days that you can't actually blog about but involves a lot of whining, moaning, and shrieking.

To cheer me up, our deputy godsend Mackenzie sent me this picture of cute baby animals. Upon receipt I immediately realized this was a picture of the ReefDwellers today.

Your job:
In the comments column, tell me which animal is which reef dweller, left to right.

Your choices: Mackenzie; The Suzie Townsend; Godsend Mer-Bear; The Shark Herself.


Sarah W said...

Okay . . .

Godsend Mer-Bear is the Bunny.

Deputy Godsend Mackenzie is the Hamster, because hamsters make great bunny deputies.

The kitten is the Shark Herself (see how she's studying the hamster, forgetting for a moment that it's Mackenzie?)

The Suzie Townsend is the puppy--she's run out of orange soda and her blood sugar has plummeted.

Josin L. McQuein said...

The bunny is Mackenzie, keeping an eye out while the sharky one's plans are formed. Ears in the "down" position don't mean she's not paying attention.

The hamster is the Shark, shrewd little nibbler that she is. She's rubbing her little hamster paws together in anticipation of a satisfying revenge against all who have made this a whinge-worthy day. (And having had a hamster, I can tell you those little buggers will go for blood if given the chance! Very sharklike, in fact)

The cat is Mer-Bear, paying close attention to the sharky one and waiting to be dispatched on her next assignment. She's ready to pounce.

The doggy is the Suzie Townsend, concentrating so hard on her next auction that her eyes have closed. (She looks all cute and innocent, but 'tis only a ruse to disguise the gnashing teeth within. Ha!)

Philangelus said...

I well remember the man-eating bunny from Monty Python's Holy Grail, so clearly you, Ms. Reid, are the bunny.

Suzie Townsend is the kitten. I saw her at a conference once and she had that same kind of studious, intense expression. Probably because I was seeing her at the end of the day and she'd heard five-million pitches by that point in time. ;-)

Meredith Barnes is the hamster, and Mackenzie is the puppy. No reason why.

Rebecca T. Little said...

Puppy - The Shark Herself. Tired due to the whining, moaning and shrieking going on.

Kitten - Suzie. The "she said what?" look helps.

Bunny - Mer-Bear.

Chipmunk/Gerbil - Mackenzie (by default)


Oh, goodness.

I'm so sensitive today, that this is as much as I can handle today.

Scott said...

The puppy is the shark. Look at her, sitting there all regal, a contended look on her face . . . because she just devoured some unexpected querier who titled the query: Dear 500th Agent I'm Querying. And, it almost looks as if Miss Cute Adorable Puppy has her eyes slitted open, carefully watching for unexpected prey.

As for the other Reef Dwellers . . .

The Rabbit = Mackenzie. She did give you the picture after all, and would want to make sure she was the cutest and most prominent in the picture.

The Hamster = Godsend Mer-Bear. She's alert, focused, and on the look-out. Not sure if that describes her, but hey, winging it here.

The Kitten = Suzie Townsend. Why? Because I ran out of cute animals to equate with Reef Dwellers. Sorry, Suzie, these things happen in life. But, if we were playing kickball, I'd pick you first.


p.s. - I agree with Josin, Hamsters go for blood. I have the scars to prove it. Geesh.

Marsha Sigman said...

I have to say the hamster is The Shark. Look at it...it's obviously the leader here.lol

I have no clue about the rest. Ok, maybe the kitten is Suzie, keeping an eye on what the Shark is planning.

The Celebrated Author said...

The Bunny is the Shark: A Toddler's Introduction to Modernist Poetry. (How'd you like THAT in a query?)

Anyway, the Shark is the bunny, Monty Python style. Cuter than all the other animals, but deadlier.

Hamster/Mer-Bear, because I like the though of either a hamster-sized bear or a bear-sized hamster, both of whom are half fish.

Suzie Townsend occupies the kitten, because they are both fluffy. (Please don't ask me to explain.)

And finally the puppy is the deputy, because it's unlikely.

Christi Goddard said...

The hamster is the shark. Look at her, being all diabolical, much like The Brain, that wicked lab rat. The kitten is Suzie studying the ways of her Jedi Master, The Brain Hamster Shark. Mer-bear is clearly the exhausted puppy from all her errands and chores. Mackenzie is the bright-eyed newcomer, waiting for her next task from the studious kitten and diabolical Hamshark.

Margaret Yang said...

I have no idea which one of you is anybody. I'm just having a terminal case of the cutes.

Leona said...

LMAO I'm not going to try to seperate those out. I love the explanations here. It's hilarious and all have come up with good reasoning (where reasons were posted of course) that is hard to argue with.

I have to say, this cute picture has taken on diabolical meaning...

Whidget said...

The shark, off by herself a bit, is the Bunny. The Godsend is the hampster, because she looks busy. The cuddly kitten is Mackenzie and the sleepy (drunk?) puppy is The Suzie. :-)

Angela Robbins said...

i can only guess one, the cat is definitely the shark. instead of razor sharp teeth to rip things apart, she has the claws!
: )

kregger said...


You jest?

Which, of course, begs another question.

Mackenzie refers to the “Big Mac” also known outside of the fast food establishments as the MacIntosh apple which is the favorite food form of all cute and furry rabbits.

Godsend is an obvious reference to the heavens. What resides in the heavens? Stars. I reference to you, Ursa Major or the Great Bear; also known as the Big Dipper. In the US the Black Bear is Ursa Americanus. Pictured is the Ground Bear Gerbil, Ursa Gerbiallis. Ipso facto caveat emptor therefore; Godsend the “Mer-bear” is the gerbil…or hamster, I can’t tell the two critters apart.

The somnambulistic puppy has a genetic defect causing complete cessation of all brain wave activity thus causing narcolepsy. In the absence of a mocha Thai, skinny double-espresso, hot beverage served to Ms. Townsend daily, she would sleepwalk her way through life. Which is what she was obviously doing when I didn’t get a personal phone call from her on my twenty fifth revision of the best querry(sic) in the world.

Thus leaving the Felinus Americanus or the gray tabby kitten, need I say more? Well anyway, the tabby pattern is associated with the Bengal Tiger (I’ll let you look up the Latin name) which owes its stripes and name to the Zebra, previously known as the Tiger horse. The Tiger shark received its name by locals watching the sharks eat Zebras by the mouthful on the Serengeti Plain. Unfortunately, the locals couldn’t tell a croc from a sea shark, but the galleys at NGO Magazine had already been struck so the name stuck. Hence, Ms. Reid, I believe you have conspired to rig the election-contest by picturing a stooge kitten, thus qualifying the Slithery Barbra Poelle. We know a Tiger shark is a pussy cat compared to you and a completely gray cat would have led us directly to conclude the kitten is the Great White (but snarky) Shark.

Now, how about some Fromage frais?

Anonymous said...

Janet is the Bunny. While a shark online, I've read where she is the opposite in real life.

Could be they were lying, or well paid.

I think of MerBear as the gerbil. Hamster. Whatever the short one is.

As for Suzie, the kitten seems to have a slight orange tint to it. (Then again, it could be my color blindness acting up.) So, given her love for orange soda, the kitten is her.

That leaves Mackenzie as the sleeping puppy.

I do think that MerBear should be worried about how Suzie is eyeing her. I keep thinking that two seconds after this picture was taken, the gerbil became a toy for the kitten.

jjdebenedictis said...

The shark is under the boardwalk, titanium jaws stretched wide, about to explode through the fragile timber and OmNomNom all those delectable tiny mammals.

No? Okay.

Crabby bunny = The Shark
Anxiety-attack hamster = Mer-Bear
Just-kill-me-now puppy = Ms. Townsend
WTF?-kitty = Mackenzie

Douglas Morrison said...

The kitten has a faint orange glow = Suzie (the Shark sufferes from ailurophobia, so no kitty there)

The Hamster is getting a "what are you doing look" from kitty + MacKenzie.

The bunny? Who doesn't love a bunny? = Mer-Bear

That leaves the dog... It probably bits, soooo = "Here Shark, Here girl... What? You need to go outside?"


Above Average Ape said...

Bunny = Suzi, the snuggable one

Mouse = Mackenzie

Kitty = Shark (notice how it is the only one eyeing the mouse; that's MURDER in its eyes!!)

Chihuahua Puppy = the tenacious Mer-Bear