Thursday, October 07, 2010

Making twitter work for you as an author

A blog post by Robin Becker, author of BRAINS, about Twitter.


ryan field said...

Twitter and goodreads and all social networks are tools, but that's not all they are.

You really do have to enjoy them...and enjoy communicating with people through them. It has to be fun.

April said...

That's the one thing I will probably hate most about getting published: having to use Twitter to promote my work. It doesn't help that I hate cell phones, too. I just think people get too absorbed in the technology. Do I want people to read my book? Absolutely. But I might like it just as much if they looked up at the trees once in a while. Maybe then they would see my car coming up behind them in the mall parking lot and get on the sidewalk!

Patty Blount said...

If I may weigh in here... Twitter isn't just about promoting your work, though that is a great side effect! It's about making connections. I've been following Sean for months and in that time, I can't recall him EVER coming right out and saying "Buy my book!"

But I did because I enjoy his wit, or the portions of it that he shares on Twitter and in various blog posts.

It's also how I found BRAINS.

Neither novel disappointed me.