Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another favorite Bouchercon moment

Barbara Poelle yodelling "15% of that is MINE!" when Sophie Littlefield won the Anthony for Best First Novel of 2009 for A BAD DAY FOR SORRY.


Joyce said...

Too funny! I'm so glad Sophie won. I loved that book.

Bill Cameron said...

Our little Sophie is growing up!

jdh said...

The Boucheron Chantey

Up to young Littlefield Poelle did slither,
For sorry, it tis a bad day,
The Anthony winner was left in a dither,
Fight Barbara or give it away.

Fight Barbara or give it away, my boys.
Fight Barbara or give it away.
Sophie’s choice was to fight or to wither,
Fight Barbara or give it away.

Matthew AT Banning said...

LOL! wow ...

Steve Stubbs said...

I love it! That's the best I have sen since Kanye West jumped on stage to seize a trophy from Taylor Swift. People are standing up for what they believe in nowadays. Boffo!

Do either of these ladies sing, by any chance?

Josin L. McQuein said...

And some people have the nerve to say agents don't work for their 15%! It looks like the Slithery One is working up a sweat to me.


(Maybe it's the next reality TV craze -- EXTREME AGENTING!)

Sophie Littlefield said...

don't worry y'all! i prevailed - but wow did i ever love that poem.