Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This looks like FUN

A great write up on WITHOUT A PADDLE by Warren Richey (aka Sharkchow) from fellow racer SandyBottom

It includes comments from other racers like this:

“This might be the best report of a paddling adventure ever.

Sharkchow has captured perfectly the ongoing struggle between the illusion of fear in our minds and the reality of our human quest to overcome it.

Thanks Warren for opening up the most personal aspects of your life to us! Your story has added a new level to this life changing adventure we simply call a "Challenge". ”



Chris said...

Thanks for this link -- I'm buying the book tomorrow!

ali said...

Yup. I wanna go. :)

jjdebenedictis said...

This looks like FUN

To me, it looks like a recipe for sea-sickness. Reading on a boat? Urp!

(I'm sure the book's awesome, however.)

Mary said...

I just bought and read this book because I saw it on this blog. I think it's inspiring that it got published because of a good old unsolicited query to Janet! Yay!

It's a great book.