Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robin Becker's BRAINS

Robin Becker's debut novel BRAINS is coming out in May, so of course we got galleys recently.

When I slithered over to Robin's blog, she'd posted about getting hers. Robin just cracks me up.

(click on her link before reading further)

Robin's Galley has a twin sister here in New York:

The Herpet-American assssistant
gave Galley a welcome to FinePrint squeeeeze!

Galley immediately wanted to visit the BestSeller shelf!

Poor Galley! She wasn't used to the high life. We found her flopped over, pages askew, clutching a bottle, whispering "I love my editor." We cleaned her up, and put her with some of the other Galleys so she'd have company, and friends.


Deep River said...

I am engouraged to note that Galleys have fine taste in adult beverages, whether brewed or distilled.

mallard said...

I'm just glad you feed the Herpet-American assistant regularly or Galley's visit might not have ended so happily.

Robin Becker said...

I'm glad to see Galley's sister is having fun! Of course how could she not with such company and booze too

Rebecca Knight said...

Ooh, I'm getting excited! I've been anticipating BRAINS coming out since I saw the deal on lunch weekly :).

Hooray for galleys and for celebrating!

Kristi said...

What a gorgeous book! I may have to add it to my ever growing list of books I want to read!!!

And how much fun were these two posts!!! Thanks for the afternoon laugh!

Rachel said...


(My comments are so boring and repetitive. But your posts are always funny to me, you see...)

T. Anne said...

Too funny. Another reason to look forward to May.

McKoala said...

Hilarious posts, both of you!

Ronda Laveen said...

Ahh...a Galley support group. Seems there is one for every circumstance these days.

jmartinlibrary said...

Can't wait to get my gray matter engaged by reading that memoir.

BTW, I'm also drooling to get my hands on the June release of the Zombeatle mashup, PAUL IS UNDEAD.

My Favorite Band + Brain munching antics = DOUBLE AWESOME.

ryan field said...

I like the cover.

Brittany said...

Lol, and oh my gosh! My sister has that same stuffed snake!

Voidwalker said...

Bottle-clutching editor-lovers... It's a scary thing. :P

Lola Sharp said...

I too have been known to play dress up and pass out between two puss-um... cool cats, after partaking.

The Adventures of Galley and her Doppleganger was cute. Thanks for sharing.