Monday, August 10, 2009

Haiku Hijinx...and the winner!

There were a number of excellent entries to the contest. Thanks to everyone who had fun doing this! Here, in no particular order are the semi finalists:

The Slithery One Herself:
the great white shark leaps
slithery barbara poelle
rubs his snout to sleep

But since La Slithette already has a copy of BAD DAY FOR SORRY, and because she doesn't get any bonus points she didn't actually count as an entry.

Benjamim: oops, sorry! BenjaminN
Pre-published blowhard
Deer Ms.. Barbarra Poellle
Why Janet reject?

This cracked me up.

Stabbed by the pen of
slithery Barbara Poelle,
I plead, what monkey?

This is the reason you hang out with agents in the bar at writing conferences: you can send haiku with little in-jokes (monkey!) It certainly wouldn't be for any other reason!

Destined for You Tube,
Slithery Barbra Poelle?
Chicken suit or bust!

The idea of Barbara in chicken suit is delightful. Sadly, I think she may have the last cackle on that bet.

My client is fab
Look, Godiva chocolates!
Keep your damn' fangs off

This cracked me up too!

These really capture the essence of Ms. Poelle:

Now, queries abound
Slithery Barbara Poelle
Needs octopus arms

She is slithery
With her little red balloon
That Barbara Poelle

With quaint cleverness,
Slithery Barbara Poelle,
tricked Janet again!

Reid's evil colleague
Slithery Barbara Poelle
Now octopus food

One more deal lost to
slithery Barbara Poelle
tears of envy fall...

Read my manuscript,
Slithery Barbara Poelle
Did. Rejected it.

Thievin’ and cheatin’
Slithery Barbara Poelle
Beguiled Sophie

I must outwit the
Slithery Barbara Poelle.
Give scotch, steal author?

Slithery is not
Barbara Poelle's middle
name, is it? Ask Janet!

And the finalists are:

Third place:

Octopus agent;
Slithery Barbara Poelle;
Choose; but choose wisely.

Second place:

Buy the book she says,
Slithery Barbara Poelle
Thanks for the great read.

And two first place winners:

well that's just peachy
I bought mine on release day
so I can't enter

I loved this because of course, this was an entry and in perfect form.

And the winner (who gets the book):

A bad day, but not
for octopi, slithery
Barbara Poelle said

Thanks again to all who entered!


Daisy said...

I win! I win!

Wait. . .


DebraLSchubert said...

Too fun, dear Janet
All great entries to be sure
At poor Barb's expense!

Jean said...

Congrats to the winner!

This was fun. Very happy with second place but now I HAVE to buy the book.:-)

Rebecca Knight said...

Hahaha, these are all great!

We're glad we could amuse you, Janet! Now, are you going to spam Ms. Poelle with these later on? Just for fun? Wallpaper her office, maybe?

Just thinking out loud...

Ben said...

Deer Ms.. Poellle,

For a sec, I thought I won since my entry was beneath Ms. Poelle's. Cracking up the contest host was enough of an award in and of itself.

-Benjamin (not Benjamim) Sobieck

Sophie Littlefield said...

how fun to be a part of this mad-cap exercise, even, um - off-set? - as it guys are tops

Bpoelle said...

Slithery Barbara laughs
longs to meet all deft poets
at Woody's for gin

#1 Dinosaur said...

Thanks for the bronze.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Congrats Carrie!

This was fun!

Mira said...

Lol. Funny stuff. Kudos to all who entered for making my day.