Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot Reads picks A Different Shade of Blue

Hot Reads in the OC Metro magazine picked Adam Eisenberg's A DIFFERENT SHADE OF BLUE for their recent Hot Reads choice!

In 1961 a landmark civil rights suit allowed women to pursue law enforcement careers on equal footing with men.

The arrival of women changed policing but it didn't much change police ethos. Being a cop still means being part of a culture that is masculine, military-minded, and macho. That's a tough place to be when you aren't masculine.

What's it really like to be a female cop? Stripped of the television stereotypes, and political correctness whitewashing, A DIFFERENT SHADE OF BLUE is the on-the-record, in their own names, accounting from three generations of female officers. Black, white; lesbian, straight; feminist, not; married, single. The only thing they have in common is gender, badge and gun.


laughingwolf said...

ok, goes on my tbr list :)

Ricky Bush said...

There are a few firemen in Houston that probably should read this book. The female firefighters there are fed up and ready for a firefight. Anyway--