Thursday, June 11, 2009

Query status update 6/11/2009

If you queried me by email I have responded.

I either sent you an email
1. passing on further consideration (stupid me, I know);

2. telling you I had your query and needed more time;

3. asking for the manuscript.

If you queried me and have not gotten one or more of those emails, query again. DO NOT email asking if I got it. I didn't-- (or you failed to say Hola Snookums in the email or sent it to every agent in the TO: line--those are emails I discard without response.)


BuffySquirrel said...

"Baited breath" always makes me think of Baldrick.

jessjordan said...

Wait. A. Second. You didn't even read my query I massmailed to you and every other agent person I could find???

That is just rude.

So be it. But you'll be kicking yourself when you miss the throwdown dragout fight over the next big thing!

Rick Daley said...

And don't forget to check her SPAM filter rules. She posted them many times. You miss 'em, its your own damn fault.

Cass said...

I enjoy stopping by and reading your posts. Thanks!