Saturday, June 06, 2009

It seemed like a good idea...when?

Here's a recent email to me:

I will not bore you with a long query letter that you do not have time to read (I hope the writing speaks for itself).

1. Brief synopsis
2. First 2 chapters
3. Brief resume

No. No. No.

The failure of logic is stunning--I don't have time to read a query letter so how about the first two chapters instead... and the synopsis ... and a resume.

Unless you're planning a ten page query letter, you'd need to be in Bizarro World to think reading this would take less time.

Let's also remember that a query letter should provide reference information like what kind of book this is: YA? Middle grade? Novel? Memoir? Word count too.

This is a form rejection with singe marks on it.
(and a not so subtle link to the QueryShark blog)

Don't take these kinds of shortcuts. They're counterproductive.

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Stephanie said...

This cracks me have submission guidelines on your web page for a reason!! Do they think doing somehting other than what you ask will get their foot in the door???