Monday, March 16, 2009

Thomas Perry on EVEN

I first heard of the novelist Thomas Perry when a friend frog-marched me into Powells, put a copy of Metzger's Dog into my paw saying, "Buy this. You'll thank me." I did, and I did.

Then I read his Jane Whitfield novels. To say I became a slavering, drooling, desperate Thomas Perry fan is probably a bit too vivid, but it's also very true.

I had a chance to say howdy to him at BEA this year, but of course, with all that slavering and drooling I'm not sure he was equally glad to meet me.

I mention this because one of the very coolest things about this job is finding the authors you love also like the authors you represent.

Here's what Thomas Perry has to say about Andrew Grant's upcoming thriller EVEN:

"IN EVEN, Andrew Grant introduces British naval intelligence officer David Trevellyan, a man born to fight and trained to win, locked in a suspenseful contest with terrifying adversaries. An excellent thriller that feels like breaking news."


Gary Corby said...

YAY! Ordering my copy now. Only problem is, I'll have to wait weeks to get it and months to get my copy signed.

Liz Wolfe said...

I'm also a slavering, drooling fan of Thomas Perry. I'm putting EVEN on my list of must reads.