Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I wrote a post earlier this week for the Dead Guy blog about things I am thankful for.

I still am.

And let me add to that: I am profoundly thankful for my wonderful clients who write amazing books, REVISE amazing books, listen when I offer advice, trust me with their work, and are patient with the foibles of both their agent and this industry. I am extraordinarily fortunate to be on their team.

I am thankful for those of you who read and comment on this blog, and on Query Shark (yes, I know you are chomping for more chomping over there; it's been a horrendously busy fall and I just haven't had time).

I am thankful for those of you who query me. Even these queriers.
Even this one too.

It's impossible to thank you every day; it would get old and lose any kind of meaning. But I am thankful every single day for all of this.

I hope there is much for which you are thankful too.


Joanne Levy said...

I'm Canadian, so I did my Thanksgiving over a month ago, but there is much on this planet I am thankful for. To keep it relevant to this blog, I will say this: In this incredibly crazy, slow, soul-sucking business, I am thankful for some of the amazing, generous and inspiring people I have met because of it. I have made real-life writer friends and some internet friends as well who keep me going day to day. I've also come to appreciate the support of people like you, Janet, who although are reaching out to masses through their blogs, remind me that there are some really decent humans out there.

Thanks. It's a tough business, but some things make it a lot easier than it could be.

(and that's not kissing up - the kissing up portion of this message will arrive later: a mouse for the asssssistant and a bottle of Macallan for you)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heidi the Hick said...

Yup... every day. Sometimes it takes a lot of reminding, but it's worth it.

Gina Black said...

Thank you, Janet, for your blog, for Query Shark, for making me laugh so often, and for telling me how it is. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeanie W said...

Thank you, Janet, for your informative blogs and your wonderful sense of humor. And thanks also for the essential role you play in connecting excellent writers to the reading public.

Jill Wheeler said...

I'd also like to thank you, Janet. Without your blog, I would be totally clueless when it comes time to query agents.

Just_Me said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

JL Riffe said...

Happy Turky-day all,

Eat well, be merry, and may you recover from your turkey induced comas with little to no ill effects.


Miriam S.Forster said...

I'm thankful for awesome blogs like yours. They remind me that a commitment to writing must be accompanied by a sense of humor.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Crimogenic said...

Happy Thanksgiving Janet! Thanks for your valuable blog and Query Shark. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge of the publishing industry and writing.

Justus M. Bowman said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anne-Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Janet! There is indeed much to be grateful for, even though we did our thanking bit six weeks ago, which I keep teasing some American friends was probably when the original pilgrims did as well since they'd likely be shovelling snow right now like we might be on any given year.


Sara Merrick said...

Thank you for inviting us to your table. I'm grateful for the education, the humor, the encouragement to return to the page. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ardin Lalui said...

Hi Janet,
I'm thankful for the comments you left on my blog. They are helpful!!!!

Bill Cameron said...

I'm just a humble client who is thankful for you. I hope you had a lovely holiday yesterday!

Sean Ferrell said...

I'm going to copy Bill: thanks Janet, for all you do.

L said...

Yet another extremely grateful client! Thankful that you put up with us!

-Patrick Lee

Eileen said...

I'm thankful for you and other agents (like the divine Rachel Vater) who support their authors and make us believe it really is possible. And vodka- I'm thankful for that too.