Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Ten Dirty Words" says it all

Better than I ever have too.


Susan said...

Yikes! But very enlightening. Next writers' group meeting I'll bring it as a checklist for the work I'm asked to read heh heh.

thanks for a great link!

Susan Adrian said...

Ack!! Good for any genre. I don't want to be ANY of those things.

Julie Weathers said...

All right, you can stop now. I try to be selective about which links I add to my blog and today I am adding three. Maybe four, since a link one of the others had tickles me. All from this site. All because of you.

"I want to enjoy reading the book, not congratulate myself for having gotten through it."

That was the best line in the post and there were a lot of good lines.

Even though I don't write strictly mystery, that was good information.

Mags said...

I think I've hit four or five of those dirty words just commenting on a blog. Aw, damn.

I've bookmarked the hell out of that page.

Amoral? I've gotta worry about that, too? Fine.

It's a lot of work, you know...

KDavid said...

I've heard the term "small" bandied about lately, as in "You need a higher concept, the story is too small."

In searching for a definition of "higher concept" I've mainly come across folks who believe if your plot can be stated in one phrase, ie Snakes on a Plane, that it is instantly a high concept.

In the past high concept meant something like aliens attack Washington and the president is killed then the aliens take over...

What is high concept? Anybody???