Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why you belong to RWA

Yesterday I was one of several agents who flocked out to the Long Island Romance Writers annual luncheon. I'm not exactly sure where it was on Long Island; the LIRW ladies were kind enough to provide people to meet us at the train and take us to the destination.

I was lucky enough to end up in Monica Spence's Chariot of Death (that's an inside joke referring to her ability to turn left no matter what the light says.) I'm not sure exactly how I weaseled the info out of her but it turns out she sews authentic 16th century dresses. And writes historical romances.

Despite her best efforts to kill me (believe me, I was laughing even at the time) I was enchanted. I threatened her with grievous bodily harm if she didn't show me pictures immediately (well, ok, I let her stop the car first).

Now here's the thing. She had no clue how fabulous a hook this is, and how enchanted I would be about this. She was just doing a good deed for her chapter of RWA cause she's a nice person (How she ended up with cold cruel sardonic moi is a mystery for the ages).

I don't know if she's finished her novel. I don't care. I've got her card, and her email is on my data base. When she's ready, she'll query me (or suffer that GBH I like to threaten people with so much) and I'll remember her.

That's why you belong to RWA. That's why you volunteer when the local chapter president says "I need a volunteer to haul that sorry slacker Janet Reid around when she slithers off the train tomorrow."

I'm still clueless about why the LIRW thought I would be suitable for a lovely lunch event but I'm damn sure glad they did.


monica said...

OMG-- no one will ever drive with me again! :-)

The costume pictures are up on my blog, with some information.
Hey, it is a start. Thanks for the push, Janet.

Yes, the book is done. Expect a query soon.

Thanks for riding with me. I have not laughed so hard in a LONG time. It was a pleasure almost killing you and Joanna. We must do the "Death Race 5000" again soon!


Debora Dennis said...

Ms. Reid, I for one, was thrilled you accepted our invitation and now that our group has even made your blog - well, I feel our event has "arrived!" We made an impression and that's all a Chairperson can ask for.

Have a great weekend and I'm sure we'll see again next year!

LIRW Luncheon Chair

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Me: Bill, what are you reading?

Bill E. Goat: A driver's manual.

Me: Why?

Bill: I wanna chaufer's licesnce.

Me: That's "chauffeur’s license." ... How will you hold the steering wheel? How will you ... Why am I having this discussion with you? This is not something you can do ....

Bill: Yes, I can. I'm starting my own writers' group. I'm calling it GWA-HGO, and I'm inviting Janet and I'm driving!

Me: GWA?

Bill: Don't forget the HGO part.

Me: [raised eyebrows]

Bill: Goat Writers of America - Hot Goats Only. What did you think it meant?

Merry Monteleone said...


I stopped over at your new blog and tried to leave you a comment, but blogger said it's restricted to team members, so I thought I'd drop you a line here.

The costumes are fantastic! And I'm betting the pictures don't even do them justice. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere - it's a time suck, but a fun one.

Jen McAndrews said...

thanks for the warning on the chariot of death. I'll send out a note to the chapter carpooling loop so we can all update our Wills before the next meeting.



pegasus358 said...

Janet, it was lovely to meet you at the LIRW luncheon. Had you been in my cute lil convertible, you probably would have been even more terrified. I am now hard at work on my scuba diving/undersea adventure novel, which, incidentally, will not take place in Scotland. Or Iceland.

Roberta said...

I'm a new RWA member. Thank you for the (gentle) slap on the head about why I joined.

Kelley said...

Monica says--OMG-- no one will ever drive with me again! :-)

oh. I definitely would. :)