Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now HERE is a clever idea

Of course I read Smart Bitches Trashy Books regularly. You should too.


Recently Hillel Italie, the AP book reporter stopped by the SBTB blog to answer a few hilarious questions. Take a look at the interview here, but pay special attention to the last question: the eb00k reader.

Hillel Italie suggests that publishers might begin sending advance copies electronically. I think that's a great idea. We all know most books sent out for review end up in a stack teetering precariously toward the moon, untouched, unread, and certainly unreviewed.

I had lunch yesterday with one such industry persona who described her office as a cross between a library and a hurricane.

Think of the cost savings of sending only electrons!
It would also cut down on a very interesting secondary market: selling review copies to bookstores.


PK said...

the eBook ARC would also serve to keep a certain agent out of the slam, just in case another nefarious type decides to lift her copy and then cry foul on the train, n'est-ce pas, cher?

Janet Reid said...

ah yes, the great subway theft of
Nothing To Lose

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Am I living in an alternate universe from you, Janet? I've already seen eARCS and even gotten one for review. It's happening.

Janet Reid said...

I haven't seen them yet, and I haven't seen a drop in the number of printed ARCs either.

I'm on the lookout now though! Thanks!

H. L. Dyer said...

It's uber-geeky, I know, but I recently learned how to use Palm Markup Language to create an ebook (.pdb file) from my manuscript (keeping my bold, italics, centering, etc.) with a clickable table of contents.

Right now it's purely for my own amusement/convenience on my Palm Pilot. I would love if it was actually useful to someone else. *snort*

PK said...

Speaking of the great subway theft of 2008, did anyone see Kevin Nance's interview with Lee Child in the Chicago Sun Times? It's here:,SHO-Books-childq22.article

Susan Adrian said...

Excellent article, pk! But the link was broken in your post. Let's see if I can link it here:

Interview with Lee Child

PK said...

Thank you Susan!

I've been a big John D. MacDonald fan for so long and it was refreshing to read about the sublime Mr. Child's inspirations.

Chumplet said...

E-pubs send out electronic ARCs all the time, but I like the uniqueness of a paper ARC. I received my first a few months ago.