Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Topics that are instant rejection

1. The election
2. George Bush

It may be a hot topic at CNN but I'm selling books for the Summer and Fall 2009 lists. Every single editor in NYC is praying we will not be discussing or interested in the 2008 election by next summer.

Same for the Olympics.


Adaora A. said...

LOL Janet!

You do what you have to do to get people to understand that books that recieve representation then have to be slotted into a next year or year after slot for release.

The Anti-Wife said...

But I have this fabulous WIP where George Bush enters the Olympics and wins gold medals in 26 different events and the country is so excited and proud that they overturn the election and put him into the office of president for life, and he appoints all his siblings to the cabinet and his other relatives to major government posts and they declare war on every other country except Canada and drop the nuclear bomb on them all and wipe out the entire population of the Earth except for the US and Canada because he used his genius to develop a shield to prevent the harmful junk from getting to us and ............ I'll get back to you later on the plot.

kitty said...

Is Spitzer on that list?