Tuesday, September 21, 2021

What are you working on today?


So, what are you working on today?


  1. Today, I'm working on me! Fun things for me because every once in awhile, ya just need a day for yourself. :)

  2. Uhh... work? Boo. Oh, and trying to figure out how to make more houses go on the market in my town. It's frustrating.
    And, as always, trying to think of new and interesting ways to torment my characters.

  3. I hope to work on one of my several stories. Whichever one calls to me the loudest.

  4. Like nightsmusic, I'm working on me.

    Aggressive rest. Yes, it's a thing. I've overdone it over the last few days. Now I have to make up for it by resting all day, or I'll be absolutely useless.

  5. Editing my MG novel this morning, noticed it was past 7:00 -- had to check what's new on the Reef. With this novel, I'm finding that I reallyreally enjoy the editing process. It's kind of like when my little granddaughter and I color in her coloring books. The lines are already there, and now I get to bring color and life. It's fun!

    Happy Day to all!

  6. Today, for the first time since the middle of August, I am well enough to return to work on my WIP, Charity Bread. I've been laid low with a bad attack of sciatica with complications, but there have been blessings in disguise from the enforced hiatus. I've never had so much time just to let my brain wander and I've put it to good use.

  7. Caring for my mum...no me time, no writing, no stories. Hmm, telling stories to my mum, I'm sure that counts.

  8. Morning! I'm blending yesterday's pic with today - meaning I need more coffee while I work on my latest WIP. Which means I will also be pulling out my hair. :)

  9. I'm trying to finish up a book review that's due tomorrow. And I'm also working on a book proposal. I think I found the perfect "scrappy woman" who needs a biography of her own.

  10. 1. Coffee
    2. Coffee
    3. …coffeeeee
    4. Write? Why yes, that seems like a good idea.
    5. Start work on a 10’x14’ mural (because I haven’t learned from last time)

  11. I am trying to write/translate but I've got new reading (short distance) glasses and they keep making me sooo dizzy, it's not funny 😒.

  12. Working on a set of plans for another project

    Working on remodeling a short story

    Working on remodeling the back room

    Working on the washing machine (leaks)

    Working on the yard

    Working on remodeling my neck muscles to bypass the C-2 fracture; one step forward, two steps back. The neck muscles would rather sneeze and clench.

  13. Instead of doing much needed rewrites on an ms this morning, I watched a bunch of Norm McDonald videos...

    God bless that man. A rare truth teller.

  14. Attempting to stay awake AND be productive at the day job despite only 2 hours of sleep last night.


  15. The kids have been working on my patience. Not sure that counts?

    Yesterday I worked on a couple of short stories and made a massive-uber-list of magazines to submit them to. (Distinctly more productive than the work on my patience - an endless project if ever there was one.) In the same vein, if anyone wants to beta read a short story (~5000 words, fantasy) my Blogger profile has my email and you would be very welcome; happy to swap for anything vaguely similar, or I can merely shower you with compliments and virtual baked goods. I seem to be popping out short stories right now like some dysfunctional literary chicken. No idea what happened but probably best to roll with it, right? Just until the upper-MG WIP raids the hen house.

  16. Putting together requested materials for an agent. Taking a personal day to do so. But finding it so hard to concentrate. Life's been like that lately. My nephew was supposed to leave for London for school last night and missed his flight. Will strangle my brother later for ignoring my advice to be at airport at least 3 hours before flight. No one ever listens to me. (Granted, most days ignoring me is the right thing to do)

    Trying to help my brother find another flight which is not as easy as it used to be. And expensive. Geez. And my nephew is so stressed out. Classes start Monday. He has so much to do once he gets to London to get settled in his little, tiny flat. And we have to find a way to ship his PC to him (why can't the kid use a laptop like everyone else?). International moves are no fun.

  17. With life in between, I'm working on Chapter 7 of the third book in my Summer of L.U.C.K. series and prepping for the "Publicity Tips for Authors" workshop I'm giving next Tuesday through the Orange County (FL) Library System. It's free, and there are still some spaces available if anyone is interested. https://attend.ocls.info/event/5310098

  18. Today, I'm beta-reading for a couple of friends. If I have any energy after that, I'll start another chapter in my WIP.

  19. Work for the Firm and dreaming of retirement.
    But also did a blog post and submitted an essay to an online journal. So it's all good.

  20. E.M., yay for putting things together for an agent! Fingers crossed.

    Laura, perfect timing for the mention of your workshop. I'm all signed up.

    Steve, I shared your frustration about houses for sale last summer. Luckily, the right one did come on the market. Hope it happens soon for you.

  21. Just got my unicycle repaired. Gonna tear this town up, baby!

    Also, edited the WIP. Nice to hear from everyone.

  22. Day job stuff for a bit longer. This evening, hopefully after a bike ride, bass practice and then one of my WIPs. One is a prequel to the Dragon Lord Chronicles; the other a sequel. I'm working on them in parallel because they are related. I have four chapters of one drafted, but am concerned the pace is too slow. Soooo ... we'll see.

  23. Maintaining my sanity while my husband recovers from surgery in hospital. Feel like I'm running in circles, trying to do everything at once. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to find a contractor to renovate the bathroom to make it safer before he comes home.

    Writing? What's that?

  24. The day job--from home. Day job--from office. Some dispiriting news. An energizing discussion. A late lunch. Then day job--from home again. I still have work I could do. But now I'm tired. And not much functional.

    Tomorrow, no day job, so I can focus on my story.

    Good to see everyone here.

  25. PAH

    I frequent a fan blog for Astros' baseball fans. We comment during games, etc. sometime we go pff topic. The other day we linked and discussed Norm McDonald videos. I never realized he was so popular. Death will do that for you I guess.

    Our local paper used a Norm quote as its daily quote. Blew me away.

  26. Yesterday I revised parts of Chapters 1, 2 and 4. I wanted to get it done before my sister and I drove up to Missouri to visit my brother. We were to leave tomorrow. My brother got a kidney transplant a few years ago and covid would be a death knell for him. My sister and I decided to get covid tests to be safe. She got hers yesterday. I got mine this afternoon. I’m negative. She’s positive. The trip’s off.

    Having extra time, I drove to Kerrville to buy strings of lights for my breezeway, and some “implements of destruction” (Cutting shears and a leaf blower). Ate BBQ. Went to the grocery story (HEB natch) back in Fredericksburg. Spent over $120 and had nothing to eat except Blue Bell Butter Pecan ice cream when I got home!

    While I wait for the Astros game to start. I’ll review what I typed last night on my manuscript, and revise that.

    Tomorrow is solely finishing revisions and preparing query letters. And doing laundry. And watching Astros game.

  27. The day job morphed into an evening job, but now I'm settling in to work on chapter 50 (of 52).

    Wish I with PAH and working on some Norm MacDonald videos.

    "I once walked in on my parents having sex. It was the most embarrassing thirty minutes of my life."
    -- Norm MacDonald

  28. Amy, I'm with you. Now that the lines are there, the revising is the most fun. I had to chop a bunch of words from my first draft, but now I'm into revision and polish.

  29. Geez. All the productivity and determination over here is making me twitch. With guilt. I'm very proud of everyone's ongoing efforts. Because I have done a whole lot of nothing lately.

    Well, I'm attempting to learn Spanish via Duolingo -- 79 days in a row as of tonight! I just finished a lesson titled "work" and I can now say, "I want an interesting job" and "This pen is for Rafael" and "I have a message for the boss." I'm looking forward to learning something more useful, like, "I need a non-soul-sucking job and here's a pen for the boss with a suggestion about what he can with it."

    I digress.

    I have recently decided -- very recently, like within the last hour -- that I want to finish the dusty WIP by mid-November. So I can start something new and be well into it before 2022 begins. So, there you go, progress of a sort. Thanks, everyone, for the guilt-prompt. I needed that.

    Also, I have to say that it is delightful to see all these names and hear all these voices that I've missed over the past year or so. Thank you for the forum, Janet.

  30. It was fun to drop in and see what people are working on. I worked on chapter one of my newest WIP today. It's great when the words start to flow after thinking about the story for months...

  31. I had to come back and tell you, KD, that I've been doing Scots Gaelic through DuoLingo off and on for quite some time now. My grandparents were fluent and as a child, I spoke some but with no one to converse with when they moved away (my mother didn't want to continue it) I lost it. Anyway, I have the same concerns with pens and things as you do though I will say, Ian is always very interested in what's happening with his pants...and whether he's wearing any or what he's doing with them. :/

  32. NM, that made me laugh! I love the sense of humour that comes out in so many of the scenarios. Maybe I'll have to take a few lessons in Scots Gaelic on occasion, just to listen to that accent (I love it).


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