Monday, September 20, 2021

It's Monday, right?


Is this enough coffee?


  1. There is NEVER enough coffee. That might last us through a shift or two in the newsroom...but only if it's a slow weekend!

  2. I can confirm it is Monday and that this is enough coffee (for today).

    Today is also the penultimate day of my 7-day-countdown sale for my ebook in the US Amazon marketplace. It is at 99c only, and so if anyone of you guys would be interested...

    It's my first sale of this kind (I had been too stupid to set it up..), and so if anyone wants a copy, being able to help my book up the ranking for a bit... 😬

    I don't want to go to Carkoon 😬😬, so I'm refraining from posting the link, but it's been sooo quiet around my book lately 😭😭.

    OK, maybe I'll be sent to Carkoon now - should I start packing? 🤔

  3. You don't use a Keurig coffee maker? Check your email.

  4. Love Bustelo, and it's always perfect for those pesky Mondays that keep coming around! (No Keurig for me, either.)On this week's agenda: begin writing a new book proposal.

  5. Monday? Who knows. So far it's BC: before coffee. Bring on the Bustelo!

    (Later today, BCE: black coffee + eggs.)

  6. Not enough coffee in free world - such a Monday is it

  7. Woke up, it was a Bustelo Monday

    First found it as Cuban coffee, that shot of adrenaline

    It took a whole loaf of Cuban toast to stop that acid burn.

    Don't have to go out for a Bustelo fix,

    It took over all the cabinet space

    Haven't seen a roach since.

  8. Craig

    I laughed.

    I've gotten hooked on Caribou coffee lately, but I am doing the healthy thing and drinking one large cup in the morning and then switching to green tea. Trust me, this was an adjustment after drinking a pot a day.

    It is Monday. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. I may just go back to bed and watch Kitboga youtubes.

  9. BTW, so happy to find you in my email again nearly every morning. You are a little ray of sunlight in my writer day.

  10. Totally Random Thought:

    If you boil the premise of some of the most fantastical stories down to their essence, they suddenly become rather mundane.

    For example:

    THE OMEN: Spoiled rich kid grows up to be the spawn of Satan.

    Carry on... 😉


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