Saturday, May 09, 2020

How's your week been?

Happy Birthday Ulrike!

This has been a helluva week.

This photo just made me laugh!
She's just not sure if this is something she wants to do, but the people seem to like it, and so...well,ok, why not.

How's your week been?


nightsmusic said...

I got my email this morning telling me my plant order will be ready for pick up when she opens May 16th. Seeing as it snowed three days this week and is currently 28 degrees, I might just leave the order with her in her greenhouse rather than bring them home to my cold garage. Hubs started back to work Monday so that's been an adjustment because he gets up at 4am. Other than that, it's just week 578 of sitting here, waiting.

nightsmusic said...

And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ULRIKE!!! That face! Murphy would look about the same, not too sure but willing to please. We're so mean to them ;)

CynthiaMc said...

Happy birthday pretty girl!

Work is a bit stressful as we're working a reduced schedule, which means doing everything we used to do in 4 days in 3, and the first morning back is always spent playing catch up since we weren't there to do the things that needed to be done, so it's really 4 days of work in 2 1/2. I am grateful to still have a job and my heart breaks for those who don't. Trying to help them out as much as possible.

The good news is I have more time to write (yay!) and immerse myself in a world where people aren't sick, still get to shop and travel, and funny things still happen. Not that there will be a market for that, but it makes me feel better.

I've decided I may never get through everything that needs to be done in the house. I'll still give it a valiant effort. Lord help.

My garden is all white vinca and impatiens right now. Very soothing.

Brenda said...

It’s getting better all the time, thanks for asking. The snow is completely gone from my yard (even the stubborn bits on the north slope) and we aren’t going anywhere so I’m settling in for a glorious northern summer. A certain amount of peace has descended regarding the current state of world affairs. There’s no point obsessing over things I cannot change, including the minds of some I love. Distancing from the drama has helped.
And my chicks are here and the greenhouse is in. I’ve a chapter due for my crit group tomorrow and a yummy new beta to sink my teeth into on Monday. Life is good.
Happy Birthday Ulrike.

Craig F said...

I am recovering in two directions. Still waiting for that free Covid test, so started painting the pool deck.

The weather has been absolutely delicious for May in Florida and we got a second coat of Carmel Delight on the hard side of the deck. It is the hard side because of the two planters and a 7" strip to be painted on the back and sides of it, up against the screen.

Last time we painted we had fewer orchids and moved them into the yard. I am still fighting the slugs and snails that infested them, so just organized the hundred and some orchids so they were wholly in the planters, still had to put on my contortionist hat to paint it.

Happy Birthday Ulrike I hope you can get back to being a dog soon.

tsquared said...

I am on the virtual front line. My psychotherapy caseload is full of grief and fear as families deal with death and illness from COVID19.
A colleague texted me yesterday morning asking if it was too early to have a glass of wine. I said, "Yes!"
We're all a little ragged and overwhelmed.
It's lovely to see a friendly puppy face and flowers and read the kindnesses of others.
Be safe, keep as positive as possible, and reach out if you find yourself needing help.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday, Ulrike! What a good girl!

It was mostly a nice week. Everyone around me is healthy and we're all staying home.

The best news is that I received the author copies of my new book, Dr. Mary Walker's Civil War, which releases May 1. I've been talking about the book on my blog (TheresaKaminskidotcom) over the last few weeks. Walker is the only woman to have received the Medal of Honor.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Though it's chilly here, the sun is out, plants are blooming, and Orioles have been at the feeder.

KariV said...

This week has been busier than most since quarantine began. I'm organizing photos for my kids' annual photo books as well as picking shots to print for last year's vacay album. WIP-wise, I've plotted my villain's story arc as well as that for four other secondary characters. This week I'll be finishing the zero draft of my novel, then it's on to rewriting from scratch.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums! This year will be my first without my mum, so I'm having all the feels. Indeed, mothers are a blessing to be cherished.

Casey Karp said...

Congrats, Theresa. Nice to hear some good news.

I'm in about the same place as CynthiaMc. Still employed, reduced schedule, lots of playing catch up. But also significantly more time for writing, so that's good. Should send my current WiP out to my beta readers this coming week, which means time to start a new project. Got some ideas, but need to be careful to keep them virus-free--I want to write stuff that'll give people a break from their reality (whenever and wherever), not drag them back into the current one.

I know how lucky I've been. Hoping that those of you who haven't find your way to a happier space.

Cecilia Ortiz Luna said...

Craig, I hope you get better, get tested and get negative results.

Tsquared - Thank you for providing virtual frontline help to people in mental distress.

Ulrike - Happy, happy birthday sweet one.

It's a gorgeous day in my neck of the prairies. I have been sending my kids a lot of Mother's Day related hints for days. Let's see what will happen tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mommies!

Adele said...

Last week I decided I wanted to learn to make caramels. I broke a tooth. And that's the way the week went for me. (It doesn't hurt but it's jagged and I can't get it fixed.) Emotionally I was starting to strain against the rules, but then along came VE day and I realized - I have had my safe life mildly restrained for two months - my parents' generation had a war for six years. Decided to stop being such a princess.

Barbara Etlin said...

Some of the overwintered tulips have emerged. I'll take photos as soon as the snow stops. It's just a fluff, but I find snow in May offensive.

Craig, sending lots of good health vibes. Hope you get negative test results and feel much better.

Congrats, Theresa!

Happy birthday, Ulrike! Echo would never have put up with such indignity. I hope you got lots of treats.

We are very much at the lucky end of the pandemic situation and we're very grateful. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Katja said...

Happy Birthday!!

This week? Well, my book has miraculously returned from the dead. I've sold three copies in the last four days. WHOA, guys... pause yourselves, pause yourselves... not all AT ONCE!


Brigid said...

Tsquared -- thank you for what you do. Thank you so much. Wishing I could make you tea.

We are losing a beloved elderly acquaintance to covid19 right now. Far away from our new home, so it feels like a dark faery story, not reality.

Everything here is golden. The flowers are blooming, our veg starts are in, the new house feels like a forever home (which is next year's problem, as we are only renting). Shops here are open by appointment, though they shouldn't be. People are beginning to pooh-pooh social distancing. But not so far away from here, Margaret is dying alone.

Elissa M said...

My new piano arrived yesterday.

My hubby and I are more fortunate than many musicians in that we don't have to rely on income from performances to get by. So, we can put in extra hours of practice and not worry about paying the rent.

Karen McCoy said...

Happy birthday, Ulrike! Needed this today. Exhausting week. We just entered escrow on a house we like (yay!) and I'm currently buried beneath an avalanche of paperwork. Not much writing time over the week, but hoping to catch up this weekend...

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

I have relayed all your birthday wishes to Ulrike! We've ordered her a new collar, but there's always a waiting period with this particular artisan. There were MANY treats involved with getting the birthday hat photo! Ulrike is very compliant when she is getting paid.

I've had an okay week otherwise. One of my short stories first published last year in Luna Station Quarterly, "For Whatever We Lose", has been reprinted by Escape Pod! So that was a very nice boost. It's always very interesting, to hear somebody else read my words, especially if it's a story that I have used for readings.

So far as writing goes, less successful this week, but with some progress in Run With the Hunted 3: subtitle to be determined.

I do still need to trim my bangs and haven't tried yet. I should probably look up a tutorial on Youtube.

Claire Bobrow said...

So lovely to see Ulrike's sweet face. That gave me a lift. Many woofs on your birthday :-)

Craig, hope you're doing okay.
Tsquared - thank you so much for the work you are doing.
Theresa and Katja - congrats!

It's been a tough and emotional week at our house. We had to have our dog, Juno, put down last Sunday. She was a beloved member of the family and my constant companion for 15 years. We wanted to have a house call vet make her farewell as stress-free as possible, but she went into crisis mode and we ended up on the pavement outside the emergency vet, weeping, instead. I was allowed in for her final moments, with the rest of the family on FaceTime. I can hardly type this without choking up. Time will heal. We have Zuzu.

Love to you all and your furry companions.

Casual-T said...

Hope everyone's hanging in there. Interesting times, to say the very least.

Mrs. Casual and I have been keeping busy by doing a little collaborative remote-recording with Mrs. Casual-mother-in-law. We've uploaded some "Quarantine Edition" renditions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz (in case you were wondering), and Hushabye Mountain from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. Mrs. Casual-mother-in-law on the piano (in Indiana), Mrs. Casual on vocals (in NYC), and yours truly on the rest. If anybody wants to give them a listen feel free to hop over to my Blogger blog, where you'll find the YouTube links. I don't want to post the links here, since I'm not sure Janet would appreciate such blatant self-promotion.

@Craig... Sending good vibes (in two directions)!
@Theresa... Congrats on the book!
@Adele... I've had a chipped tooth since, as a young buck, I jumped head first into a shallow pool. Always wore it as a badge of honor. So should you!
@Katja... Three books is better than two, or one, or none!

nightsmusic said...

Oh, Claire, I'm so, so sorry for your loss.

AJ Blythe said...

Claire, my condolences (((hugs)))

I finished planting my 265 bulbs for next spring. The long wait now to see if they grow.

Heard that the kids can start going back to school over the next few weeks (eldest 18 May and youngest 2 June).

Mothers Day here now, so have asked for a day of being left in peace to get some edits done (they just need to keep my tea cup full *grin*).

Adele said...

Hi Casual-T - Sadly, it can't be a badge of honor, because it's one of the back molars where nobody can see. Even more sadly, it's not so much a chip as an entire cusp gone. This is something that will have to have some fancy dentistry. One of these days there are also going to be some fancy payments! But not right now, not today. No, today I'm making some nice soft cinnamon rolls.

Oh, and I forgot to say happy birthday to Ulrike!

Cecilia Ortiz Luna said...


Sorry for your loss. Yes, time will ease the sorrow.

Cecilia Ortiz Luna said...


I listened to the videos. Mrs. Casual's singing was sublime and so was MIL's piano playing. I was crying at the end of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
Thank you for making my Saturday.

Emma said...

Claire, so sorry for your loss.
Jennifer woohoo! I love PseudoPod and listen to it all the time. EscapePod as well. I'll look for your story.

As many of you, I consider myself very lucky. We have an income, although I'm always worried about my job disappearing. It's e-commerce, and if people aren't e-commercing... Oh well. It can only be a one day at a time kind of existence nowadays.

My son's high school is trying very hard to come up with a graduation plan that involves an actual live ceremony, so that's very hopeful.

I worked more on Opus #2 and sent off a short story to a couple of places.

Went today to buy plants for our garden and it SNOWED. We're not going to be planting for at least a week.

I looked out my window and saw a whiteout. Makes me wonder what I'll see out my window next. Martians? Godzilla? At this point it all seems plausible.

Stay safe everyone.

Casual-T said...

@Adele... Hmm, in that case, my sincerest condolences. For me it was one of my two front teeth, which made the "badge of honor" thing a lot more feasible for a young, casual lad, such as I was back then.

@Cecilia... Thanks much for taking the time to listen. I apologize for making you cry, though. I did tell Mrs. Casual she was flat on that last note, but she wouldn't listen. Every time I hear that part, it makes me cry as well... Ha! But seriously, I'm glad it moved you. That's what art is all about.

John Davis Frain said...

Yo, Ulrike, HONK HONK!

Sorry, kid, that's the way it's done this year. But it's one birthday you'll remember forever.

Megan V said...

Happy Birthday Ulrike.

As for me, this week was Ruff. We'll leave it at that. I know that others, including Janet, had it ruffer. Wishing you all only the happiest.

Panda in Chief said...

I'm still here in the north woods!

Claire, so sorry to hear you lost one of your fur-persons. That is so hard. Even though we know we will generally outlive our pets, it still hits us hard every time we lose one. somehow, they manage to live long enough that we get totally attached to them.

Congrats to all who had good news! Quarantine brain keeps me from remembering more than one or two news items and I don't have the patience to go look back at who is celebrating what. That seems to be the effect of our extended lockdown. (having no fucks left to give)

Really, I don't have it bad at all. Lots of outdoor space, no kids to homeschool, but I miss my friends and routines, the local coffee spot, and dinner with my sweetie, even if we have started having socially distant wine in his garden once a week. It could be way worse.

Laura Stegman said...

CasualT, beautiful video, gorgeous rendition (Over the Rainbow), well done! You might get a web site comment from me as well, not sure I got the form to "take" it, so am sending to you here just in case.

Meanwhile, like everyone, I have my good and hard moments but I'm grateful for the gifts I do have. My publisher said I'd be seeing my cover soon, so I'm very excited about that! And I'm about half way through my sequel, and although it's going pretty slowly, writing is bringing me great joy.

theblondepi said...

Brigid: I am so sorry about your loved one dying alone. Those who are being cavalier with social distancing are forgetting that it isn’t for them… it is for people like Margaret. <3