Thursday, February 20, 2020

Example of effective, no-cost promotion

One of the best no-cost, effective promotion techniques for your book in the signature line of your email.

Felix Buttonweezer

Sig line example:
One Of Us Has To Go - Sometimes you just have to get rid of your best friend
Of course, that's blog reader Katja Schulz's book

Notice that she very astutely did NOT say: my book now available on
Notice that she very astutely did NOT say: buy my book!

or You'll love my book!

She very astutely understood that unless we already knew her, she needed to entice us.
And she did.

 And I saw that sig line when she sent me these pictures of her town.

So, she may be underwater, but she's not all wet!


Colin Smith said...

The recent storms in the UK have been pretty horrendous. My Mum has been keeping me appraised. Thankfully she's okay, as is Katja.

Speaking of Katja and her novel, may I add a recommendation? I guess so, since I just did! :) I posted a spoiler-free review of it on my blog if you're curious to know a little more about it. It's well worth your time. The book, that is. I mean, I think my blog is too, but you should particularly check out Katja's book.

What time is it? Too early for thinking, that's for sure...

Lennon Faris said...

Those pictures are wild.

Katja's book delivers after that line, too - great story with a strange & wonderful premise (that's hard to fully understand until the end). I love her voice!

Katja, stay dry!

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I too very much enjoyed Katja's book. Very like what Lennon said - great story with wonderful premise. Great voice.

AJ Blythe said...

Katja, I hope you are still far away enough from the river to be dry.

Not sure what the other Aussies here have found, but I am not hearing anything about the UK storms.

Aphra Pell said...

AJ - I get daily weather updates from the mother, although she is comfortably up a hill so not at any risk. She says it is heavy rain today. Again.

Nice work Katja! Please stay dryish.

Lisa Bodenheim said...

I've a friend who's village was evacuated due to high waters. She, fortunately lives uphill.

Another book to put on my TBR pile!

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

That's such a great line, Katja! I'm really in awe of writers who do that so well and make it look so easy.

One of the people who comes to my writing group writes AMAZING cover blurbs/queries in what seems like the drop of a hat. Compelling, getting right to the meat of it, just entirely artful. I might have her run the group sometime, to give us some pointers ;)

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

ALSO(sorry for two posts in a row): That flooding looks AWFUL and I'm glad you are safe!

Claire Bobrow said...

It's hard to comprehend the volume of water shown in those photos.
Katja, I'm crossing my fingers things return to normal for you and your town very soon. Same for those in the U.S. in a similar situation. Yikes!

I don't have an email signature line - or a book! But like my current MC, I'm gnawing my way towards the goal line:-)

Joseph S. said...

I’ve read Katja’s ONE OF US HAS TO GO. It’s an amazing story. It deserves a wide readership.

Here’s how I began my review of it on Goodreads:

“Katja Schulz has written an important book, a novel about the narrator’s (Finja’s) toxic co-dependency relationship with a woman (Sonja) who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a book so autobiographical it reads like a memoir.

“The author, Katja Schulz, has suffered from OCD since childhood and continues to struggle with it.

“ONE OF US HAS TO GO brings home in a gut-wrenching narrative what a person with OCD goes through and, just as painfully, what a person who lives with that person goes through.”

Theresa said...

Yikes, that's some flooding. I hope Katja remains above it. And what a great email tagline she has!

Katja said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for your support (whether by buying, reading, reviewing, commenting on my book; encouraging me here or on Twitter or by email etc.)

Thank you for making me part of this wonderful community!

Thank you, Janet, for actually making this possible!

This time 6 years ago, I was still in quite a different place... I hadn't even considered writing, nor did I read any books.
I'm incredibly thankful for coming across this blog!

I hadn't expected that my sig line would be that enticing (too bad I actually never put it in my queries..), and then have Janet point this out, WOW.
Not often in life has anyone said I had done something astutely.

I'm SO thrilled, also because my title occurred to me very early and it felt spot on, and the catch line is also an original. (Whereas sometimes I do steal a little something when I observe people or what they say; for example, I had seen another author have a sig line and although theirs was very different, HAVING one was NOT my idea.)

Regarding the floods: the river level has been stable today, with very little rain, so that's good news.
The water is still only 100 metres (100 yards?) away from our place but so far we're fine.

The library is down the road and under water, but it luckily sits high on a platform, so it will be okay. A lot of other buildings struggle with the floods, though.
Fingers crossed that the river will be back to normal soon.

Thank you ALL again! <3

P.S. Since Janet had given me a little 'warning', yesterday, about today's post, I actually slept pretty badly. I was excited like a kid, woke up at least every two hours and checked to see when... 'Christmas' would finally be here.

I was tired today. But I did NOT care. ;)

Craig F said...

I would know Katja's from many miles away, so I didn't have to wonder why I didn't recognize places in Mississippi or Alabama that were flooded.

The flooding in the southern U.S. (except for Florida) is almost as bad as it is in Europe, though when you are in a flood, you know yours is the worst ever. Hope you all stay safe and dry.

NLiu said...

Just to say I also highly recommend Katja's book!