Saturday, August 10, 2019

Country code what?

I’m based in the UK and have been querying a sci-fi novel for a little while now. I’ve mostly been looking at UK-based agents, but have recently come across some sci-fi-loving agents from the US on Twitter who I would love to query. I was wondering whether you had any thoughts on what hurdles an author might expect working with an agent overseas? Does the distance make it a lot harder for all involved?

If you want to know about hurdles faced with working with an agent overseas, you'll want to ask my clients.

Yes, I know Anchorage is NOT overseas!

From my perspective, the big problem is getting paid.
The US requires an ITIN and getting one isn't as easy as it should be.

Other than that, and the shorter communication window (as in don't call Australia at 2am!) it's pretty much like working with all my clients.

Promotion can be a problem.

But again, find writers who are doing this, Stuart Neville, comes to mind, and stalk them on Twitter to see what they do.

Bottom line: if you've got a good book and live on the moon, it's ok with me. I'll even come visit.



E.M. Goldsmith said...

On a similar thread, how does an American agent spread out into the foreign, non-English speaking markets? Are books automatically sold internationally, translated into French, Farsi, etc? Do internationally selling authors need multiple agents? Would they have multiple publishers?

My cousin, a prolific writer, lives in France, always has, and has an American agent, and multiple publishers in multiple countries. A lot of her books come out in French in Europe before they come to the states. So I was wondering how all that works? I remember Patrick Rothfuss talking at a conference about going over countless foreign-rights contracts and how mind-numbing that can be. Are foreign rights done with the original book contract? I really wonder how all that works.

Katja said...

OP, I'm not an expert but I also live in the UK and the US (Amazon) recently wanted a TIN from me (not sure if ITIN is the same as TIN = tax identification number). The counterpart in the UK for this is a UTR (unique tax reference).

So if you've got one, then you're good, I believe. The UK and the US have some deals that means that I (in my case, but I'm not traditionally published) don't have to pay tax in the US but just the UK.

You would need to get a UTR in the UK, though, I think.

Craig F said...

Well, My Queen, if you wish to come to Tampa, I would welcome you. It would probably feel like the moon to you. Our low last night was 83, but it has never broken the 100 degree mark, yet.

The pool is gorgeous, the deck and enclosure freshly pressure washed, and I have re-potted over 100 of the orchids. We should have eight to ten varieties of them in bloom within two weeks.

Brenda said...

I suggest that we have a reef reunion at Craig’s place.

Craig F said...

If y;all are close come on by. Call me first, or e-mail., I 'll probably be working on the other 60-90 orchids that need re-potting.

If you need any orchids that are already acclimated to living outside in Fla. I would really appreciate a call. They have multiplied from our our original 20 something. I said 60-90 because I won't know until they are done. I know that many of them need to be split and I don't really have room for any more of them.

Brenda said...

Craig, you are 3,168.4 miles from me or I’d be there. Enjoy your lovely orchids.

Amy Johnson said...

I'm with you, Brenda: Reef reunion at Craig's place. It sounds beautiful. There's just that matter of distance...

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MelSavransky said...

For a second I thought Sr Gustavo was recommending ATM robbery to help with international querying and was confused. Do Europeans prefer their $20 bills before the sample pages, or after*?

*I know you're not supposed to throw spondulix at agents. Savvy authors use BitCoins and tiny flasks of gin.

AJ Blythe said...

Am I the only one left wondering how often Janet's called Gary Corby at 2am?