Sunday, May 19, 2019

Early morning conversation with Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl

Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl: I'm chilly.

Me: The sun will be up in an hour; it will pour in through those windows and this place will be an oven. You'll be telling me to turn on the AC.

DoY: I've never asked you to turn on the AC.

Me: Not since you learned how to open the refrigerator door.

DoY: (smug look of satisfaction crosses her royal whiskers) Oh, right, you need more cream.

Me: Please tell me you left me enough for my morning coffee!

DoY: You drink too much coffee.

Me: That's it, I'm getting up and going to the coffee cart across the street.


Me: Here's a warm spot in the bed.

DoY: Cover me up.

Me: How about the sheet, blanket, and the afghan.

DoY: For a start. And turn on the TV to Project Runway

Me: you know, the catwalk they talk about isn't about actual cats.

DoY: Everything should be about cats.

Me: You're right, the world would be a better place if we spent more time petting cats.

DoY: I am the way to world peace.

Me: I'm not sure peace is a word I associate with you, but you make a good point.

DoY: More cats, fewer spats.

Me: Your slogan?

DoY: I should run for president.

Me: What's your platform?

DoY: Gun control!

Me: More cats, fewer gats?

DoY: Exactly. Also, an end to the designated hitter rule

Me: More cats, fewer bats?

DoY: And no more talking heads on TV.

Me: More cats, fewer yaps?

DoY: and world peace.

Me: More cats, fewer flaps?

DoY: I'm a shoo-in.

Me: Speaking of shoes, Project Runway starts in an hour.

DoY: Rightyoh, first things first.

Me: More cats, more naps?

DoY: Fetch my eyeshade, the sun is coming up. I'm getting too warm under this afghan.

Me: Plus ca change!

DoY:  Plus vous avez besoin de chats


Gypmar said...

You've outdone yourself this morning, Janet!

Kitty said...

DoY sounds like she's auditioning for Miss USA. By any chance, has she been watching Miss Congeniality?

MaggieJ said...

Thank you, Janet, for Sunday morning with the Dutchess of Yowl. I've missed your conversations with her -- and I'm sure you have too.

I think DoY has an eye on the White House, myself. She'd get my vote!

A bittersweet moggie story for all who believe in the power of felines:

Claire Bobrow said...
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Claire Bobrow said...

I vote more cats, and more Project Runway!

Kae Ridwyn said...

"Oh, right, you need more cream." - LOVED this line!

And I'm with MaggieJ. I've missed these conversations, so it was delightful to read this one just now :)

Kaphri said...

Delightful exchange.