Sunday, December 02, 2018

The Duchess of Yowl sees a reindeer

Saturday afternoon, chez Yowl.

Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl: What are you doing? You're not petting me.

Me: Addressing Christmas cards, your Grace. We need to get them in the mail soon.

DoY: (glancing at cards) That is a foul hound wearing antlers as a hat!  I hope you're not including my name on that card!

Me:That's a reindeer.

DoY: (squinting) It looks like a foul hound.

Me: Well, reindeer are not dogs. They pull Santa's sleigh.

DoY: The Santa who brings me gifts?

Me: One and the same.

DoY: Perhaps those are cats...

Me: Your grace, a cat would never pull a sleigh.

DoY: Heaven forfend. What was I thinking. I must be faint from hunger.

Me: Yes, that must be it. Breakfast was twenty minutes ago.

DoY: The space time continuum is my plaything.

Me: Any chance you can adjust the number of hours in a day to 36? I'm a little behind on my reading.

DoY: Behind on your petting you mean.

Me: (petting DoY with both hands) Also true.

DoY: and ear-scricching.

Me: I only have two hands.

DoY: Your limitations are so inconvenient.

Me: It's a wonder you keep me around at all.

DoY: I'd say great minds think alike but Santa is coming!


E.M. Goldsmith said...

The space time continuum is my play thing

This is officially my favorite comic. I love me some DoY.

LynnRodz said...

Your posts are not only funny, Janet, they're lovely. I can see a bestseller featuring the Duchess of Yowl with photos of her taken (of course) by a famous photographer.

nightsmusic said...

I love this! DoY has been with you for quite awhile now. Did you adopt her? It's a wonder you can get anything done with the whole 'pet me now' thing ;)

Janet Reid said...

I am merely the deputy handmaiden to Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl. She is not with me full time. Perhaps I should rephrase: I am not with her full time.

I go her royal abode to serve her when her real mom goes a'wandering.

To assuage my lonliness whilst I am not with her, I write these little posts as a way of stroking her sleek self metaphorically.

Beth Carpenter said...

Merry Christmas, DOY. Hope Santa is good to you this year.

nightsmusic said...

Janet I understand how that goes. Loaner Cat came to us this last time when she'd had surgery so she could recuperate without being beat up constantly by Thing 2's two male cats. She'd visit occasionally when I needed a 'kitty fix' because husband isn't fond of cats, but because Loaner Cat is very fat and as a consequence, can't jump any higher than the seat on the couch (and barely at that!) he's okay with her being here. One thing lead to another and this last recuperative visit became a permanent thing. I'm happy, husband is...okay but Loaner Cat has become Queen Of The Kingdom. She rules everything, including our Doberman. We all in turn bow to her now.

MaggieJ said...

Janet, I love that you share the Duchess of Yowl with us. I read your blog every day for your helpful advice, but I especially look forward to Sundays with the Duchess. Sending cyber-strokings and ear-scritches to her Grace, and I hope Santa will be good to you both.

Craig F said...

It's coming on Christmas
The newspapers are fat
advertising a bunch of crap

I would like this to be a community thing. Please add to it.

Kregger said...

Does anyone know the biggest can of tuna Amazon will deliver?

Laina said...

Hmmm. Is there something you'd like to share with the class, Janet?

Janet Reid said...

Here's the Ikea Santa link that Laina mentions above.

And I have that shark!
A pal bought a couch at Ikea, and brought it to me!

Jen said...

Please thank the Duchess for me. I'd forgotten to order my Christmas cards until reading this post. :)

Craig F said...

Just a warning, Microshit seems to have updated my version of Word. It is the one that came with the windows 10 machine I bought nigh onto a year ago.

The entire library of things i added to the dictionary are gone. Be warned, write all of those odd names and such down or search you whole manuscript for them.

God, I hate Microshit.

nightsmusic said...

Craig the update deleted all "unnecessary file paths" to non-Microsoft items so anything added by the user is now gone. They didn't bother to test any of their updated things in the new version. They just pushed it out and if you search online, there are thousands and thousands of complaints about what they've done.

If you no longer want to update Windows, use StopUpdates10. It works, my laptop no longer updates, I have two different anti-everything programs that keep it secure, and I'm finally not having problems with Windows.

For what it's worth, I'm really sorry.