Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Duchess of Yowl makes her wishes known

Saturday afternoon, chez Yowl

Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl: How many days until Christmas?

Me: I'm not sure, Your Grace. A couple weeks. Why?

DoY: I want to make sure you allowed enough time for shipping.

Me: (suspicious) shipping? Am I not buying your gift at the fishmonger as usual?

DoY: I don't want a fish. I want fish!

Me: Fish, as in many fish? Fish doesn't stay fresh for more than a day or two.

DoY: It does if it's swimming in an aquarium.

Me: You want an aquarium?

DoY: Yes, I saw one on TV.

Me: An aquarium is not an All You Can Eat Buffet.

DoY: (fastidiously) I partake only in moderation.

Me: I'm not sure any fish would agree to live here if they saw you doing your vulture act above their new home.

DoY: We'll give them tax incentives. Like they do in Detroit.

Me: I'm surprised you haven't been elected to office.

DoY:  Election fraud pure and simple. The Ds are responsible of course.

Me: You blame the Democrats?

DoY: No of course not. Dogs.


nightsmusic said...

Oh DoY, I happened to come across something yesterday on that site we shall not name (that starts with an A) and the first thing I thought of was you! It's a warm, cozy, cavelike bed, but it's a shark! What would be more fitting when you stay with Le Sharque than to sleep in one? ;) Of course, the model in the picture wasn't nearly as svelte and attractive as you...but it's the shark that counts.

Lennon Faris said...

I'd live in a country where dogs could vote. DoY, so sorry to disappoint!

MaggieJ said...

To Her Grace, the Duchess of Yowl

Never mind an aquarium! I'm hoping for a room-sized aviary so my little feathered friends won't have to fly south this winter. I'm so very fond of birdies. MaggieJ says I won't get it, but I sent a very nice letter to the Man in Red. So here's hoping!

Yours truly,

Claire Bobrow said...

Awww, DOY. I'm picturing a song called Christmas Aquarium, yowled to the tune of 'Marian the Librarian.' Hope you get your wish!