Friday, December 28, 2018

Parade of Pets, Day Twelve

Miu and Aki

I've had a bit of a kitty rollercoaster the last few weeks.

In short, I had to give up on the idea of bringing the cat I raised from a kitten to live with me in Japan, then was turned down by a rescue because of the fact that I had rehomed my last cat, and then found these two adorable shivering lumps and was approved to adopt them.

So, they're not mine yet, but someone abandoned these beautiful girls, so they think people are super scary. Miu, the little white one, tried a combo tactic of making threatening noises and shoving herself in a corner to make the big scary people leave her alone (I am not so easily deterred). Aki, the tabby, simply shrank herself as small as she could get, which is admittedly a tiny lump, as they're only four months old. They have a history of biting when people scare them extra, but my brief pets received no such treatment.

The people who saved them and are caring for them now run a cat cafe. The problem here being they can't justify the expenses to their business for cats who hide from people, as that's the exact opposite of a cat cafe's purpose, not to mention it's not great for kittens to find the tiniest corners they can shove themselves into because they're scared of all the stranger traffic constantly. The only reason I didn't take them home the second I could is because I'm leaving the country for the holidays and will be gone for a week and a half. That's why this is the only photo I have of them, even though it's not great.

But you better believe these little girls will learn what a loving home is like starting in January. They'll find a little hole to crawl into as soon as they get here, and I won't see them much for a while, but I'll win them over.


Jennifer R. Donohue said...

oh nooooo those poor terrified kitties! Tat makes total sense, that cat cafe life wouldn't be the life for them (and how lucky you are to be in Japan and in proximity to a cat cafe!)

They are adorable, and I'm sure once they're home with you they'll acclimate. And they've got each other, which is a big help.

Kregger said...

You are a true feline-a-tarian!

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Thank you for helping these two precious girls.

Amy Johnson said...

I'm so happy, OP, that Miu and Aki will be going home with you (happy for them and for you). They're lovely little ladies, and I wish you years of happiness together.

I'm very sorry you were turned down by a rescue, when it seems you are a responsible, kind-hearted, pet-loving person. I don't often employ a soapbox, but for the sake of the animals (and the humans) ... :) Over the years, we have added to our family many animals, from tiny feral kittens to male dairy breed calves that are now healthy, happy, and huge oxen. (Only a relative few males are needed in the dairy industry. The rest don't tend to have good or long lives.) I have found that among people involved in animal rescue, most are wonderful, wonderful people. And I can imagine the terrible conditions they sometimes find animals in, and the immense sense of responsibility they likely feel about finding loving, responsible adopters for the animals in their care. However, I have found that there also seems to be a contingent of people in the field who don't seem to apply good reason or judgment, and I dare say seem to possess a sense of superiority. I like to try to think that their motivations are good and sincere, but I suspect I might sometimes be thinking wrongly. Reason, understanding, and humility are very good things. Good for people in the field (and elsewhere) to have, good to apply toward people seeking to help animals, and ultimately applying these things is good for the animals. That said, I confess that years ago when I met my sweet, sweet boy (a dog who eventually got bone cancer--oh, shoot, here come the tears), I asked the person from the adoption group why anyone would give up such a great dog. Shame on me. I had no idea what the circumstances had been, and no business being judgy.

Claire Bobrow said...

My heart goes out to these terrified kitties. Thank you for offering them a safe haven and loving home, where they will surely blossom. They are gorgeous. Please keep us posted!

Casey Karp said...

Couple of little cuties!

Good on you, OP, for taking them in. Best of luck to you and them!

nightsmusic said...

Poor little things! I have no doubt you'll show them what a cat's life is meant to be.

Jen said...

They will be in good hands when you return. So grateful you can adopt them!

Lennon Faris said...

OP, sorry to hear about kitten #1 not being able to come with you. I am so glad you are still able to extend your home to these precious little ones though. Clearly they need a good protector who gives great pettings.

Amy Johnson - I've seen many very negative and bitter people working in rescue. I am with you in that I try not to judge - Lord knows I wouldn't last a second in their shoes, seeing abandoned/ mistreated pets every day (I'd get homicidal). So glad we have people like our Melanie who somehow keeps her positive attitude despite all the odds.

Craig F said...

I know absolutely nothing about cat cafes, except for what is written here. I find it hard to believe that the flaming rescue types aren't picketing them if they really turn away shy kitties. Those seem to be what most cat fanciers are looking for.

At least it seems that way to me. Most everyone seems ashamed when their cat hops into the lap of a visitor. Maybe be the shame of their cat liking someone else better is the cause.

Keep up the good work, Reiders, we seem to have an outrageously high number of rescuers in our midst.

luciakaku said...

Craig F, well, it's not that they're turning away shy kitties or anything. It's that when cats are terrified of people, it's not good for the health of the cats to be around a constantly changing group of people who all deal with cats differently. There's no chance to get used to specific people because they're so afraid of every single new person. And unlike a private home, there are new people every few minutes sometimes.

And I'd hardly consider finding loving homes for cats like that to be "turning them away." They didn't throw them back out or anything. They're being well cared for, but it's simply not a good long-term solution for these particular cats. They need homes and families.

I've never met anyone who was upset that their cat actually sat in my lap, though. I can't vouch for what they want in cats, but I just want mine to feel happy and comfortable.

Lily Cate said...

Congrats on the new babies!
We just did this a few weeks ago - added a brand new baby kitty, who was super shy and skittish and seemed afraid to be touched. One weekend in a quiet, warm room with us hanging out (mostly my son) letting him adjust, and he was a much more mellow guy. A week later he was wandering the house, exploring and playing, and now 3 weeks later he's a feisty, friendly, curious little guy who loves cuddles and treats and even goes to greet people visitors with his big brother cats. It's amazing how fast they can adjust to a good home.