Thursday, December 27, 2018

Parade of Pets Day Eleven

Prof. Stormfury, and Hades
Hades, Lord of the Underworld (right) came to me as an abandoned newborn fuzzball when I was in high school. My parents said I could keep him if I did his nighttime feedings, so I set my alarms and gave him kitten formula from an eyedropper every two hours till he could eat food. He just turned 17. 

Professor Stormfury (left), his much larger friend, was the result of a Humane Society Valentine's Day Sale the year my husband and I married. "Let's just take a look," we said.

You never just take a look.


nightsmusic said...

Pretty commanding names for two cuddlebugs ;) Seventeen? Wow! You're a great mom.

And no, you never, ever 'just look.'

Lennon Faris said...

I'm sure there is some perspective here, but boy, I'm so curious - what is their size (lb) difference? And OP, nice job on keeping Hades healthy. You and I would have been friends in school!

They are both very handsome!

Sam Mills said...

My boys!!! :D

Hades is a respectable 9 pounds and Stormy is, er *cough* 17 pounds. D: He isn't overweight, just long and stocky and yes, bigger than some of my friends' dogs. Maybe there's a bit of lion in there.

I forgot to mention that Stormy is named for the 1960s weather experiment Project Stormfury. I had just read about it, and Stormy seemed like a good nickname for a big gray cat...

Claire Bobrow said...

Sam: I was wondering if you adopted a bobcat by mistake! But whatever his origins, Professor Stormfury is superb, as is Hades. Props to you for saving two gorgeous cats, and for choosing those excellent names!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Purrfectly...purrfect purrers.

Beth Carpenter said...

And aren't you glad you just took a look? Look how glossy they both are. Obviously much loved.

Joseph S said...

"You never just take a look." True for cats, dogs, books, and apple pie.

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Karen McCoy said...

Sam, what beautiful cats! And what great names. And 17 pounds is more than respectable!

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

The Professor is HUGE...! Definitely not fat, just a really big boy. I can't get over the size of his head.

My heart is so happy over all these rescued and adopted pets.

We just took in 4 neglected/emaciated horses. Been a stressful couple days while we secured custody. But they're here. And eating.

Julie Weathers said...

Those are beautiful cats. They really are gorgeous. I know about the not just taking a look, which is why I don't. I would have a house full of black cats if I did.

My son's Russian Blue is huge. He's not only large, but fat as well. Buddy flat refused to go in a cat carrier when they moved. Will said, "We put him in a pizza box and brought him over.

I sat there pondering that a bit. Did they lure the cat into a pizza box and then make a tent out of it and tape him in? I finally had to ask.

"No, Mom. Those heavy boxes they ship frozen pizzas in that have the two folding flaps on top. Like the ones we gave you to move. Buddy hopped in one, so I just let him sit there for a minute and then gently folded the flaps down and taped it shut. We did lure him out with some pizza, though."

Melanie, what a stressful operation, but thank God you got them. So much respect for you.

KDJames said...

Oh, Sam, they're gorgeous! And Stormy truly is magnificent. I'm so glad you told us how much they weigh, as I was imagining Stormy was a normal-sized beast and poor Hades weighed maybe four pounds after a big meal. *whew*

Slightly off topic: Speaking of admirable rescue efforts, I know some people wait to do their annual charitable giving at the last minute, once they know how much/little is left in the budget. This seems like a good time to remind you all that Melanie's Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible (if interested, click on her name in the comment above and you'll see a link to her website where there are clear instructions for donations). I can think of worse ways to spend a few bucks.

Craig F said...

The big guy has the nose of an Egyptian Mau. I've seen some of them that weigh in north of 20 pounds and still look skinny. Don't worry about his weight. Maus only nowhere near the biggest domestic cats.

Sam: good job.

Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said...

Julie, I love the pizza story. I, too, have to outwit cats on occasion.

NLiu said...

Love the cat names. Why Tibbles when you could be Prof Stormfury? They look like founding members of X-Men before those pesky humans stole their idea.

Where is Map said...

Purrfectly...purrfect purrers.