Sunday, December 30, 2018

Loaner Cat, First of His Name

Loaner Cat, Slayer of Kibble

Thursday afternoon, bingeing on the couch

Loaner Cat: food
Me: I put a cup of kibble in your dish an hour ago!
LC: no

Me: Have I been lying on this couch so long I've lost all sense of time?
LC: yes

Me: Just a second.
LC: hours!

Me: no, I mean hang on here. I served breakfast at the start of Season Two.
LC: (sardonic gaze)

Me: And we're only on -- *clicks guide button on remote*---oops, Season Two, episode ten.
LC: oops?

Me: You're right. I should have listened.
LC: Winter is coming.


nightsmusic said...

Laser Eyes Loaner Cat stares through you, willing more food!

Beth Carpenter said...

Handsome orange cat and GOT--it's a seductive atmosphere.

Karen McCoy said...

So. Brilliant!

This makes me want to read the adventures of The Duchess of Yowl and The Loaner Cat (do they run in the same feline circles?).

Claire Bobrow said...

Loaner Cat: if you up your game, I'll bet Tuna is coming, too.

Craig F said...

It is always safe to assume a cat is lying about food, they all do it.

However, assuming they are half hour shows, which is really 21 minutes of show and nine of commercials. Ten shows at 21 minutes is 210 minutes, which is three hours and 30 minutes.

Three and a half hours is enough for me to complain about the lack of timely meals and my cats to be fainting from hunger.

Speaking of which, the timer just went off on a load of my meatballs. Par ma Rosa ziti with meatballs tonight.

Lennon Faris said...

Furry friends keep us honest! and on track.

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

There is such a distinct delight to bingeing a TV series (commercial free, but I think that's understood as part of the binge process)

Julie Weathers said...

Too funny.

I love the winter is coming stare.

I hope you got caught up on GoT before Loaner cat had to be turned in.

Kae Ridwyn said...

Ha!!! Love it :)