Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Reading retreat flash fiction contest

I'm going to be on a reading retreat for the next six days.
That means no fresh content here, and I'm going to rely on all y'all to keep the lights on.

To do that, let's do a contest of a different sort.

Today's entry is twenty words max.
You must use this prompt word: bear
(have you seen the a_bear Twitter account?)

as always, the letters must be in consecutive order and not backwards:
bear/bearded is ok; bear/bleary is not, nor is braeburn

Post in the comment column TODAY.
Comments close at 7am tomorrow when the post for the next segment will go up.

Tomorrow, your entry MUST include one from the previous day. It can be yours; it can be someone else's.  The words of the post you use must be in the same order as originally posted but they can be anywhere in the post. Commenters names DO not count against word count.

If you use another person's entry, you must credit them.


Felix Buttonweezer turned into a bear. Fortunately his wife was named Honey. (original commenters name)

Honey didn't mind the bear part too much until Felix decided the couch was a perfect hibernation spot; "Hello, Zoo?"

There may or may not be a word prompt on the second, and consecutive days.

Tweet to me: @Janet_Reid (I'm checking Twitter irregularly)


CynthiaMc said...

I've heard bears like to raid the bird feeder. So far I haven't seen one.

Steve Forti said...

"Big deal. So you saw his downstairs cheeks. So what?"
"You’re not listening. I said I saw Dr Fausto’s bear bottom."

Craig F said...

Looking left I saw the assholes and elbows gait of a young bear skedaddling. I wondered why it was hurrying.

Gabby said...

Max had misheard. His beard garden entry was considerably hairier than the other contestants'.

Unknown said...

“My bullet bear-ly missed you,” the hunter said. He laughed and laughed. The bear did not find this funny.

NLiu said...

“Bears do WHAT in the woods?” Aunt Maud was scandalised. “And I always thought Canada was such a civilised place!”

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

The bears, Clair and Pierre, had an affair all winter long.
It was caller hibernation fornication and no one cared.

Mallory Love said...

“Bear in mind that he went quickly.”
The doctor met her gaze. “That depends on what happened before.”

Claire Bobrow said...

I have eaten
the Braeburns
that were in
your icebox.

Forgive me.

The door
to your


Just Jan said...

All my friends ate turkey for Thanksgiving. We ate bear meat slathered with honey. It was untraditional, messy, and delicious.

Alina Sergachov said...

Alas, I can’t outdo Shakespeare’s “Exit, pursued by a bear.”

Kate Larkindale said...

The bear left footsteps in the snow, the first ones vermillion dark, fading to pink as they entered the forest.

Sherry Howard said...

The asshaterry of the bear was not to be believed. How dare he? William started setting things to rights.

PAH said...


We ran.

“Ain’t gotta run fast,” Ranger Hank had joked. “Just faster’n yer wife.”

Clare took silver at Rio.

Karen McCoy said...

Smokey the Bear called the meeting to order. “It appears we have more work to do.”

Writer Geek Esq said...

It was an honor to bear the beer to the bear’s bier at its funeral. But Jerzy couldn’t bear to.

Marty Weiss said...

Be a republican, democrat, or independent,
it matters not. Just live up to ideals of the American

Barbara said...

The bear went over the mountain, to see what he could see. He saw the sea.

Timothy Lowe said...

"And this little bear went wee, wee, wee all the way -"

"That's piggy."

"Shut up, Sonny. Did I criticize you?"

Lennon Faris said...

Two childbearing bears bearishly bear-hugged overbearing bearded (now beardless) pallbearers.

Brenda said...

“Bear northwest,” he said. “No. Harder.”
Finally, “Give me that.”
But I couldn’t let go.

Kregger said...

You can save a stitch in time for a bear ass,
but a bare ass in time gets a rash.

Amy Schaefer said...

No, I don’t mind missing out - the steak bĂ©arnaise is all yours, darling. Jimson weed seasoning and all.

Pen Name said...

The intruder was bearded and carrying a gun.

“W-what do you want?” Kylie asked.

“Your WIFI password or your life.”

JD Horn said...

Gift, teddy lingerie. Card, signed “I love you beary, beary much.”
Sheila added two shots of antifreeze to Frank’s eggnog.

KDJames said...

OMG, BEARS! Why is it always BEARS?

I disapprove.

Shell A Phan said...

One gentle kiss and he was dead.
"Sometimes the people we wish to be aren't who we are," she whispers.

Mike Hays said...

“Honey bair.” Seargent Furre’ licked his paw. “A trap.”
Evidence showed barely a struggle.
One bear’s missing.
One new case.

Amy Johnson said...

Bearing no resemblance to her former self, Suzanne exited the plastic surgeon's office. Finally, she was free.

AuroraEA said...

"Bear'y noticed, Sheamus, she a'weys been a bit odd..." He grunted, scratching swollen knuckles against his beard. "A bit odd..."

Unknown said...

“I’ll be a regular,” he waved.

They abducted him from his lab early, only the songbirds – and I – bearing witness.

Cecilia Ortiz Luna said...

My wife repulses me
And still I stay
Until I get my hands
On her bearer bonds
I’ll play

Panda in Chief said...

We thought he said, “I like Bears”
We were surprised when men with tranquilizers showed up to capture us.

Colin Smith said...


Hunter, gun.

Bear, hunter, gun.

Bear, gun.

Bear, gun.

CED said...

"Be a real sport, yeah, and step into the transmogrifier. Promise it won't hurt... much."

Megan V said...

“See those, kiddo?” Grandpa points towards quivering shale. “Those’ll be argillaceous.”
Stone hooves thunder down the cliffside.

Benjo said...

Carry a burden, basic and simple. The literate bear wouldn't escape the perception of his species, however it were spelled.

John Davis Frain said...

Near made me ill, the things passing through.

Cigars. Onion rings. Kale. A worm, once.

I am a beard.

Stephen G Parks said...

“They called those stars Big Bear and those Little Bear.”

“But bears don’t have tails.”

“Maybe they did back then.”

AJ Blythe said...

There's a...bear...in the tree.
No, there's not.
Can't you see it? Eating gum leaves.
It's not a bear.

Unknown said...

I followed the sign with the pointing arrow that said ‘Rub Ear Here.’ When I arrived, the body was missing.