Saturday, October 06, 2018

Just digging out

Between the computer crash and a book on editorial deadline, I was buried this week, and just now digging out.

What have you been up to this week?


LinnetQ said...

Turning a first draft into a second. It's amazing how much stuff that seemed necessary when we wrote it is turning out not to be.

Meanwhile, in the day job (actually a night job), ramping up production for the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. I've cooked so much turkey at work I barely want to think about doing one for myself...

Summers of Fire said...

Working on book marketing...setting up more signings, speaking engagements. I also applied for the Tucson Festival of Books. I hope to hear soon if I've been accepted!

Amy Johnson said...

Aaww, hello adorable little ones in the snow. This week has included being a mom (for me, homeschooling, lots of interesting and funny disussions with kids, etc.), writing, visiting with my daughter's pet oxen (friendly fellas), and trying to keep the squirrels from further destroying my fall garden. I like critters, but I'm becoming increasingly Farmer MacGregoresque. The wee beasties! Fortunately for me, the bunnies around here prefer a particular type of yard weed, and they leave my veggies alone.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

“What have you been up to this week?”
Huh…so you wanna know? Really, really wanna know?
Wedding, death in family (same day) 2 birthdays, (one was mine) surprise party (for me) didn’t have a clue, funeral, (not mine, yet) babysitting grandchildren AND, here goes, wait for it, wait for it...finished editing my NYTs best seller! hahahaha Whoopee!! (Off to first-readers)

Next week?
I hope no one dies.

Kitty said...

My husband has been hacking through a wretched chest cold which he got from me and I got from the 2-y-o who brought it home from daycare.

Amy Johnson said...

What a mixed week, 2Ns. Sorry for your loss, and I hope you were still able to enjoy your birthday.

NLiu said...

Finishing 3rd (final??! - hahaha yeah right who am I kidding) draft of my YA fantasy MS, sending it to betas and preparing to birth a baby. Yes, an actual real life baby. Eek.

(Still looking for more betas. Hoping I find some before babygeddon. Odds not looking great.)

And eating every five minutes. And sleeping almost constantly. And trying to ensure the three year old doesn't hate the new baby on sight. (She has been throwing her dolly on the floor and shouting, "SQUASH the baby!" Suspect I may be failing.)

Very best to you all. Especially 2Ns. That is one crazy week.

CynthiaMc said...

Happy birthday, Carolynn! And so sorry for your loss.

My brother-in-law's brother-in-law passed away this week. He was a World War II Marine, fought at Saipan. The last time the whole family gathered was a year ago for his 100th birthday party. He was 101 and in good health until just a few weeks ago. At least he's with his wife of 62 years, who passed a few years ago.

Tonight is opening night for my new show, Abigail / 1702 about the aftermath of the Salem witch trials.

Having coffee in my garden - yay for Florida fall - 74 degrees instead of 90!

roadkills-r-us said...

Awaiting first round of edits on series finale. Preparing to go to Scotland for two weeks. Alas, not working on marketing. But Scotland! Land of the unicorn! 😍

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Research! For several years now, followers of Proud Spirit have asked if I sell my photographs of the sanctuary residents. I never have because I don't have time to handle inventory and shipping and all that jazz.

But the requests keep coming, so I've decided to educate myself about creating an online store with a company that handles everything. All I have to do is upload my images. Although the profit margin goes down for our funding as they take a cut, it'll be worth it. I hope.

Just need to make sure I go with a reputable, quality company.

On the writing front - I have a feature article coming out in Natural Horse Magazine. Also, my middle grade manuscript is complete, but I had stepped away to let it sit. I'm ready to dive back in for rereading, revising, and hopefully querying is in the near future.

KariV said...
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Sherry Howard said...

Since you asked . . . I’m so happy to share in this group of supporters that I’ve been up to a picture book launch for ROCK AND ROLL WOODS. I’m proud of the reviews it’s already getting in Amazon. This is a book of my heart, and has back matter on sensory integration. I felt validated when I asked 150 first graders at the book book birthday to raise their hands if loud noises bothered them. Around 3/4 of the them shot their hands up.

Funny story about school visits. My 10yo grand, acknowledged as the creator of the book’s character, STOLE THE SHOW at the presentation. I’m sure I have a future author growing up under my wing.

KariV said...

I have 1 chapter left to edit on my WIP before I'm done with this round of edits. Yay! I'm really liking how how it's all coming together. In other news, I *would* have finished yesterday but am at a retreat all weekend. It's a breath of fresh air to be out in the world enjoying something other than writing.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am revising the sixth draft of a memoir I've been working on for three years on how my gardening practice on a fifth generation family homestead, helped me deal with my grief after losing my father and understand death.
Each time I finished a draft, I read a printed paper copy, mark it up with a pencil, and find more stuff to revise:, cut and add.
" Oh, that chapter doesn't move forward enough. (Head slap.) What WAS I thinking...." or, " I need to add more research on perennials and vole traps here."
It seems never-ending, but I actually love the process, have found wonderful mentors along the way, and want to feel complete and totally sure that the initial 100 rejection I receive are based on my best work to date.

Steve Forti said...

Sorry for your loss and hecticness 2Ns, but happy birthday, too! Kudos to all who are being productive. I've been dealing with a cold and bug working its way through my house.
Been fiddling with some unfinished stories. But as usual, they didn't magically finish themselves. Been focusing on some shorts lately to help with that.

Donnaeve said...

Happy belated, 2Ns, and I'm also sorry about your loss. Wow - that was a week to handle.

Good job to all who've finished a writing project or are celebrating successes!

I'm 104K into a new book, know the ending, but not how to get there hence I keep writing. Let's hope I can figure it out before this thing ends up at 200K.

I'm also recovering from surgery and I've not talked about this much out here, but that doggone cancer I had last year decided to metastasize to my left lung. (yikes) Therefore, I've recently had what's called a "wedge resection" to cut it out. There are other "spots" the doctor said, "we'll have to keep an eye on and see if they grow."


That's part of why I've not been here much. That and writing - the book is due Feb 1 - I can't believe it's OCTOBER and wouldn't except everything - even Frosted Flakes has turned into Pumpkin Spice.

Megan V said...

Look at all the writing that's been happening! So many words. Isn't it amazing? You all are fantastic!

Happy belated birthday 2Ns and sorry for your loss. That sounds like one heck of a whirlwind.

Melanie, I'll be adding myself to the shopping list.

Donna, sorry to hear that you've had to deal with surgery again, been missing your presence here in the reef. Looking forward to your newest book!

As for me, I also went to a wedding and celebrated a birthday (both not mine). Other than that, I've just been working all week and keeping my eye on #PitchWars. (my fingers are crossed; I'm hoping that this year may be my year)

I started a new WIP but my writing progress has been slow, mostly because I've been spending more time reading instead. I'd like to say that the reading is mostly for research, but really it's just because I want to sit down and read a good book. The trouble with that though is that on the days when all I want to is read a damn book, somebody inevitably interrupts my session with a "what are you reading" and I find myself pitching the story (even when there's the occasional undercurrent of annoyance running through my veins).

Casey Karp said...

First part of the week: Collecting rejections on a couple of short stories and revising the current novel WiP.

Second part of the week: Collecting phlegm and trying to find the right combination of hot showers, sleep, and pain killers to deal with flu-like joint aches.

Ironically, the cold/flu/whatever started the day I got my flu shot.

Karen McCoy said...

So sorry for your loss, 2NS! Happy belated birthday to you as well.

This week I was at the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA) conference where I heard about all kinds of exciting new books, including Hey, Kiddo, a poignant graphic novel about finding creativity amid tragedy. Also trying to finish the draft that I've been coming back to, off and on, a fictionalized version of my experience in libraries. I'm pitching it as "The Devil Wears Prada meets The Office."

Also getting all the world-building ideas for my various YA Fantasy series, so I'd better get those down before I forget them...

BJ Muntain said...

Getting ready for Surrey. I've designed new business cards, and am working on updating my website this weekend. Getting my manuscript ready to pitch and preparing for my blue pencil session with Larry Brooks. Trying to avoid my mother's renovation fury while so doing. Oh, and singing practice has started for the Christmas choir.

Happy belated birthday, 2Nd, and I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry about your news, too, Donna, and you have my prayers for a full recovery.

Beth Carpenter said...

I realized a couple of days ago that I was only 10% from my total wordcount and still had more than 10% of the story to tell, so cuts in my future.

I don't remember who recommended Mary Stewart's Airs Above the Ground, but to whoever it was, thank you! I found an old copy and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Amy Johnson said...

Donna, I've missed seeing you here. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Brenda said...

I finished a POV revision in 24 chapters and feel like I climbed a mountain. I also read my first chapter at a writing conference. Oddly enough, even though I’ve done more public speaking in my life than any mortal should have to endure, I was nervous when reading my own fiction. It was a little like public open-heart surgery.

Brenda said...

I just read back in the comments. So sorry for your loss 2NN’s. What a week. Donna, please keep us posted. Prayers coming your way.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

writing and slowly slipping off into madness. Right same thing.

Craig F said...

I got the spline mold for a new SUP ready to be vacuum-bagged. Then tried to light a fire under the company that back ordered the pultraded carbon tube and fittings for the retractable skeg.

On the home front: Still working on finding places to fit that extra fifteen percent of crap our house isn't built for. Started building a cabinet to go in a cabinet and organize my at home tools a little better.

Hot 65k in the sci-fi thing.

2nns: Easy is getting harder every day, Happy Birthday and condolences on those things that need them.

Donna: Skaal, a toast to things settling.

Cynthia-Mac: You must have been up early, it hit 92 at our house. Hasn't been lower than that this October, but the mornings are much more tender.

Theresa said...

Donna, fingers crossed for all good things.

2NNs, condolences, but I hope you managed to find some light during your birthday.

Julie Weathers said...

2Ns I'm sorry about the loss, but happy birthday.

Donna Oof. I'm sorry, but hope all is well soon.

Janet I hope things sort out soon.

Joseph S. said...
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Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said...

Late to post because I've been busy.
-Uploaded an audiobook to the aggregator.
-Arranged a whole lotta promo for my book that's out on Thursday.
-Finished the cover for the book that's out next Thursday.
-Took a midterm exam.

Tomorrow I must go back to the Day Job. I miss my writing career already.