Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Sunday

Early Sunday morning.
A mysterious thump at the door wakens all within.

Duchess of Yowl: My fans are at the door!

Me: It's Sunday morning at 7am. I doubt your fans are here this early.

DoY: They camp out in the park waiting for me.

Me: Those are people doing yoga and Tai-Chi, not fans.

DoY: My fans do NOT do the downward dog.

Me: of course not your grace.

DoY: go to the door, let them in. I need more petting.

Me: (opens door, sees NYT) It's the newspaper.

DoY: Am I on the front page?

Me: Sadly, no. It would have been a vast improvement if you were.

DoY: Stating the obvious. What a way to start the day.

Me: How about you start the day with bagel and lox instead?

DoY: finally, a good idea. Wake me when you're back from the deli.

Is your day off to a rousing start?


Sharyn Ekbergh said...

Tai Chi good.
Reading another Reacher with Ramona, even better!

E.M. Goldsmith said...

OMG! DoY is so cute when she sleeps.

I wish I could go back to sleep. Real life drama is interfereing with my life and writing. Hoping to lock myself away from it for 2nd part of my day. Or at least get a nap.

Sherry Howard said...

Mine is. Woke up with some sweet memories from yesterday. I set up at a local school bazaar with my picture book. Multiple children who’d been at my launch (first graders at the school) came through and were so excited to buy the book, and see me again. Parents told stories of being bugged to death because they’d missed the window to order! And woke up this morning to the sweetest post about it on Twitter, too. Writing picture books is HARD! Selling them is harder. You don’t really make money. But, wow, do you ever get rewards!!

KariV said...

I was at Starbucks at 5 this morning to work on edits. I think I'll make it a regular thing because I feel great! Happy Sunday all!

Kitty said...

Watched the little one for a few hours this morning and on call for this afternoon.

CynthiaMc said...

Today was our parish patron saint's feast day (St. Margaret Mary Alacoque) so we had a combined choir with the children's choir (about 50 voices total).

My family came to my show last night and we were up late, so moving a little slower today. Playing catch up on all the things that don't get done when I'm at the theatre.

Fall has come to Florida - it's 73 today!

Lennon Faris said...

I don't understand how animals and kids look so adorable sleeping, sneezing, and yawning. On grownups it looks so different.

I just discovered the song "Never Enough" from the Greatest Showman. The voice is Loren Allred and I am in awe at the sheer power of such a voice coming from someone relatively small. I am in the last edits of my WIP before betas and this is a motivating song to listen to while working.

Listening to it on repeat!

KariV - that sounds amazing.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Is (was) your day off to a rousing start?

43 degrees, wind 20 mph,
Wind-chill, 'fah-reasoning.'
Off to pick pumpkins and take a hay ride in a huge open wagon pulled by a half-century old John Deere. How we finally got to the farm was a Lucy and Ethel classic.

2 year old, 4 year old, 2 mothers and I (our family) were the only hay ride riders.
The last time I have been so cold it was after a blizzard, below zero, and we were without power for three days. My bag pipes may have been frozen but I cannot remember laughing so hard in a very long time.

Highlight...the driver of the tractor drove the entire route over open fields and through apple orchards while balancing a pumpkin on his head.

Shucks...too bad I don’t write a column anymore. Ah hell, I’ll write one anyway.

Sam Mills said...

I'm making window screens (just in time to keep the windows shut all winter?). The first one came out...acceptable. The second one was better.

Andrea St. Amand said...

We recently moved. The cat is stretched out in the dog bed, and the tremendously oversized dog is sleeping in the cat bed. All is back to normal. :)

Craig F said...

Personal rest and recovery day; physical and mental. Just helping a neighbor a little, too.

Physically: I can do all of the crap I could always do, it just takes longer to recover.

Mentally: You have all seen pictures of disasters. When you see one it person you mind can't take it all in. It takes your mental breath away and leaves a numb spot. Alligator point in the panhandle of Florida did that to me. It is not something you can exercise out.

BrendaLynn said...

Congrats Sherry, victory at last.
As for me my scratchafrashin computer is word glitching. Looked for a mo like I was going to have to retype the entire beast. Sort that out and I find my new puppy, Molly, has eaten the cord. Of to buy a new one. On a Sunday. In northern Canada.
Good news is that I have two sensitivity readers for my novel now, and the revision is hours away from being finished.
No ‘victory at last’ for me but it looks like I can take down the troops on the horizon.

BrendaLynn said...


Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Sherry, YAY! Such a wonderful and lovely update regarding your picture book getting into the hands of the littles.

Lennon, So proud, happy, and excited for you. But you know that.

To everyone making strides: Another big YAY!

Me? I'm doing boatloads of laundry. And it's thoroughly worth it for a gathering of family: my brother and his wife from Oregon (in their 70s), sister from Michigan (in her 80s), sister from Tahoe (in her mid 60s), and a niece from Michigan (who is my age, 60, and is more like a sister). Much laughter with this group. And much reminiscing about the ones who are no longer here.

Miles O'Neal said...

We'll just say, "Yes!" and leave it at that.

AJ Blythe said...

You could say I did. Sunday morning was a before sunrise start to drive 3 hours up the road to a family reunion. I live no-where near my relatives (had flown most of the way up the day before) so I was catching up with family I hadn't seen for anywhere between ten and thirty years!