Monday, October 01, 2018

Contest results delayed

Duchess of Yowl: What are you doing? Pet me!

Me: I'm reading the entries from this weekend's writing contest.

DoY: Do any of them mention me?

Me: Not so far.

DoY: Unacceptable. Everyone is disqualified. Now pet me.

(time passes)

DoY: You STOPPED petting me!

Me: Your grace, you were snoring so hard there were inquiries from the Earthquake Early Warning System monitors.

DoY: That is absolutely false. I do not snore! I purr like a puma.

Me: Ok Puma puss, you purr with...ahem...fervor. But I need to get back to the contest entries!

DoY: None of them mention me, therefore there are no winners.

Me: The writers might think these contests have gone to the dogs if something like that happens.

(shocked silence)

DoY: Since none of the prompt words evoke me,  I will overlook this shocking breach of protocol just this once.

Me: You are a paragon of virtue.

DoY: You're going to be para-gone if you don't start petting me again!

Petting resumes.
Contest results to come.
Duchess of Yowl snores  purrs on


Theresa said...

DoY probably won't like this, either, but rabbit rabbit everyone. I hope we all have a productive writing month ahead of us. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Janet thought of the contest entries.

NLiu said...

The DoY all but ate our homework?!

Jen said...

Glad you're taking some time to unwind, even if those relaxing moments come courtesy of a duchess's decree. :) Contest results can wait.