Monday, September 03, 2018

The Duchess of Yowl discovers the hiatus pictures


Duchess of Yowl (catching sight of computer screen): What is THAT?

Me: (peering): She is a dog. Her name is Charlotte.

DoY: What is a DOG doing on your blog?

Me: I was on vacation;  dogs and cats and tortoises took turns being the blog post of the day.

DoY: Unacceptable! I should be the featured feline. Daily!

Me: Well, I did try to take photos, your Grace. You told me to contact your publicist.

DoY: And did you?

Me: Your publicist to me to call your manager.

DoY: And did you?

Me: Your manager told me to call your agent.

DoY: And did you?

Me; Your agent told me to call your publicist.

DoY: And did… oh wait.

Me; You see the problem.

DoY: It's a full time job being the most sought after cat in all the land.

Me: Should I call your agent to see if you want some of this nice, fresh tuna?

DoY: No need, you may serve me personally.

Me: (aside) well, at least she didn't call me Waitress.


Amy Johnson said...

Oh, what a regal portrait!

Welcome back, Janet! Thanks for all the furry (and shelled) pal pics while you were away.

nightsmusic said...

She is just such a unique cat! And...she knows it ;)

Thank you for posting not only my babies but all the others. This has been a wonderful series and a great way to get to know our community here just a bit better.

Theresa said...

Of course the last word on the pet parade would have to go to the Duchess. She is sharply lovely.

Julie Weathers said...

I haven't commented on every post, but thanks to Janet so much for sharing these animal friends with us. I have read every post, I'm just not faithful in responding. Thank you to everyone who shared your friends.

DOY is such a regal thing. ha

Claire Bobrow said...

All hail the DOY! She really is extraordinary. Thank you, Janet, for gracing the blog with animal portraits and allowing us to ooh and ahh and admire. I hope you had a great vacation!

Craig F said...

Ah, the vicissitudes of fame. Perchance I will have those problems one day. Not today, though. Today there are squalls out on the gulf stream and the sky is that peculiar gray.

Thank you my Queen for allowing some of our familiar critters a share of the Duchess's much deserved fame, she is one of a kind.

Karen McCoy said...

So pristine, is our Duchess.

Panda in Chief said...

I did wonder how you would get away with posting pictures of other cats an (gasp) dogs, rather than a two week DoY extravaganza. Now we know. You didn't. Welcome back!

KDJames said...

This has been such a refreshing break at the end of summer, getting to see all these lovely pets and hear their stories. Thanks to all who chose to share. And to Janet, of course, for hosting.

Hope you had a good vacation, Janet. I've missed hearing your voice over here.

BrendaLynn said...

Welcome back!