Saturday, September 01, 2018

Blog Hiatues Day Thirteen

This is Harry.

He came to me for asylum. He asked all the other critters in the neighborhood and they pointed to me as the sucker.

I attempted to find a better place for him but they were all too far away. Gopher tortoises can not survive if moved more than 25 miles because of the difference in micronutrients.

He doesn’t say much about my WIP, but man he can eat up some pages. They are third behind my homegrown tomatoes and butter lettuce.


Sharyn Ekbergh said...

and he looks so cuddly!
a handsome guy, Harry.

nightsmusic said...

A tortoise!! He is absolutely handsome and refined.

We have a tortoise in the area who escaped his yard and has been listed on every lost and found site but so far, no luck. I'm so hoping he finds his way home. They're very smart as evidenced by Harry and his ability to pick just the right person to love him. :)

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

OH...! I love him. Please, Harry's person, reveal yourself. (If you are comfortable doing so).

Richelle Elberg said...

Love handsome Harry!

Julie Weathers said...

I adore tortoises. What a wonderful pet.

Craig F said...

Yes, I really did name him after Harry Potter. He showed up like it was magic, at a time I needed a little more magic in my life. We all need some of it but sometimes you need more.

I live in an established suburban area and Harry is the only tortoise I have seen around here. They hover between threatened species and species of special concern status, so there are regulations against them as pets but no money is allotted to care for them.

I turned a corner of the yard into a refuge for him after I tried, and failed, to find a place for him. Relocation hasn't worked well for tortoises. Having lived a million or so years in a specific area specializes your digestion some.

He is also an endless curiosity for the cats.

Jen said...

Yay, another tort lover here on the blog! What a cutie. How big do gopher tortoises get?

Megan V said...

Hiya Harry!

And thank you Craig for sharing this fine gent.

Amy Johnson said...

Yay! Craig, you were my guess for Who is Harry's Pal? I'm imagining the cats paying Harry a visit. [Gentle tapping of the paw on the shell] "Yoo-hoo? Anybody home?" (In my mind, Craig's cats have Southern drawls.)

Claire Bobrow said...

"I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry's wild about meeeee!" Sorry - couldn't resist :-)
Tortoises are so cool, and I wonder if Harry loves strawberries? I seem to recall a tortoise who loved strawberries in one of Gerald Durrell's books. So glad he trundled your way, Craig.

Beth Carpenter said...

Harry is handsome, and so fortunate he found a sponsor with a generous heart AND gardening skills. He appears to be quite at home.

Cecilia Ortiz Luna said...

I wuv Hawwy!

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Since Harry the amazing shell-gamer can live up to a hundred years when loved and cared for (I hate the word captivity) consider putting Harry in your will with an appointed guardian. Silly idea? I don't think so. Harry is a special guy.

Craig F said...

I wish to thank all you who, also, believe that tortoises are special. As i said, he just showed up and I tried, several times, to find him a better home. I failed at that , so I have tried to give him a comfortable life. It is a pain at times. I grow 80-90 percent of his food.

He has more veggie plots that Kathy and I enjoy. The gate he had to come through is open, except when we dog sit. He can leave if he wishes, but he hasn't.

Yes. he really likes strawberries, but I can't grow them here. He gets them as a treat when the local crop comes in, this is the winter strawberry capital of America.

He is close to his full growth, 10-10.5 inch carapace. He might make it to 12 inches, I don't really know, even though I participated in tortoise counts several times, information on them is scarce, but I try. I do know that they are a keystone species. Their holes are open for quite a few other species that rely on the tortoise hole.

Time to get back to my daily murder and mayhem, otherwise known as writing. Had to spend most of today finishing the bathroom remodel. Installed the stained and finished, by me, baseboards and door trim, hung and wired the sconces, the mirror. Also hung the paper holder,towel hooks and bars. It is definitely murder and mayhem time.

Lennon Faris said...

I've always wanted to meet Harry Potter. Hello, Harry!

Craig this made my day. Love that you keep the gate open, and he chooses to stay.