Sunday, August 05, 2018

The Duchess of Yowl studies geography

DoY: What are you doing? Why aren't you petting me?

Me: Your sleekness, I'm sorry, but I really do need to get some work done here.

DoY: You're not working very hard; you're just staring at that screen.

Me: I'm putting together a submission data base.

DoY: (looking at screen) There's a town called Prince George?

Me: Yes, in Maryland.

DoY: This is outrageous!

Me: It's been there a long time, they didn't name it after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge' son.

DoY: Tailless twit! That's not the problem!

Me: Sorry, your grace. What IS the problem?

DoY: Why is there not a town named for ME?

Me: There's an entire county named for you Your Grace (quickly white-outing the T) See, Du chess County.

DoY: (only slightly mollified) well good. Now, arrange for a state visit. I want to see my subjects.

Me: You don't like to travel very much Your Grace. Remember how much you didn't like going just to Brooklyn? Your county is much farther away.

DoY: Emissaries. They should send emissaries. With gifts.

Me: What do you want as a gift, your Grace? You have everything you need right here.

DoY: more petting of course. Even for a giant furrlorn bi-ped, you are particularly dense this morning.

Me: My apologies your Grace. Now, should I type the royal decree demanding emissaries, or should I pet you?

DoY: I can't believe you think that's even a real question.


nightsmusic said...

She has such a unique shape to her face, it's no wonder she demands respect, devotion and petting. Lots of petting...

Casey Karp said...

It's a very Siamese face: long and narrow, designed for getting the last drops of food out of the can. And getting into trouble.

I trust, Your Majesty, that you got the white-out off your screen once she was properly mollified?

Sherry Howard said...

The voice of DOY deserves a graphic novel!!

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

Beau-Henry (a rather handsome, fluffy fellow, and resident of Proud Spirit) would like to ask The DoY out on a date, but he's scared. He wants to know if she'd enjoy a ride on the four wheeler? Probably not. Never mind.

Off topic: I love those pillows. I'm currently in a blue and creamy white phase.

Amy Johnson said...

I'm with Sherry! I'd buy that novel.

Just now passing by NYC on the way to Vermont. I told the fam to wave to Janet. One out of three kids humored me.

Karen McCoy said...

The DoY is the feline supermodel. Like Amy Johnson, I'd buy that graphic novel, but I also loved Amy's interpretation of a flash fiction piece written by the DoY herself!

Donnaeve said...

I'm thinking DoY is a certain breed of cat. Something Egyptian. But don't tell her that. She'll lay claim that she's related to Nefertiti.

I'd buy a DoY novel on the spot if it were available. We could get Ann Belov to illustrate. :)

Kate Higgins said...

I was thinking the same thing about the Egyptian look, Donna. I remember a quote (sort of) that said, " Cats were worshiped as gods by the Egyptians...
and they've never let us forget it!"

Claire Bobrow said...

The Duchess looks quite regal reclined against that elegant pillow, and far too dignified to yowl :-)

Craig F said...

I would have picked the Egyptian Mau, but I have seen other pictures and she doesn't seem to have the foreshortened front legs of the Mau. Therefore I would have to throw some weight into the Asian leopard cat as part of her ancestry.

With either of those bloodlines, I would think she would prefer a vacation on St. Georges Island down here in Florida above a trip to Prince George Maryland. It was once a lovely town but the sprawl has kind of overcome it.

I do think literacy, and a knowledge of geography, should belong to everyone.