Sunday, July 22, 2018

Got your Rosco?

Say hello to Rosco!
He's a very good boy.

Rosco knows several dogs with important jobs:
seeing eye dogs
police dogs
military dogs
therapy dogs

Rosco has a very important job too!

He takes his human on long thinking walks.
He listens when his human needs to read aloud.
He's really understands the pain of those rejection letters.
He is an Author Dog.

He is a very good boy!


Amy Johnson said...

Hello, Rosco, you handsome fella! Put some white freckles on his nose, and he'd look very similar to my childhood pal. Sounds like a great dog.

Megan V said...

I could certainly use an Author Dog like Rosco. Sounds like a wonderful pup!

Claire Bobrow said...

Rosco, you charmer - an awesome Author Dog, indeed. Woof!

Theresa said...

Loved meeting the canine Rosco. When I was young, my grandmother had a parakeet named Rosco who sat on her shoulder while she cooked, sewed, knitted, and crocheted. When we visited, we would scatter his toys on the living room floor. He flew down to play with us.

CynthiaMc said...

I recently purchased a folding wagon so the pups and I could resume our walks. Our boy is still capable of taking long walks, but our two girls are elderly with issues. I would end up having to carry them. One still loves to walk, but she has cataracts. My princess has bone spurs in her back and congestive heart failure. She still loves to walk, but only so far. The wagon works great. The chihuahua rides, the Princess walks as long as she wants, then rides the rest of the way. Our boy can get the exercise he needs. When we stop to rest the chihuahua gets to run in the open park. Good times!

Barbara Etlin said...

Hi, Roscoe! Author dogs are the best kind, but don't tell the others...

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Hi Roscoe. My Frankie is an author pug- very like an author dog. Only now she has taken to barking at me when I read out loud :/

french sojourn said...

My French Bullfrog...I mean Bulldog has a new partner in crime. Seems a Golden Retriever mix (4/5 Golden 1/5 Lab...pretty sure it's a Meth Lab) decided all we needed in life was to have him adopt us, as he was abandoned. Let the hi-jinx begin.

Got home tonight and they tag teamed on dispersing empty cat food packs all around the kitchen floor, minus the contents. The little dears. Mistakes were made, but they're sleeping now.

Roscoe looks way too tranquille to pull that stunt. Wanna swap dogs?

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Awwww, beautiful charmer and such attentive eyes! He's ready!

AJ Blythe said...

"That's your opening sentence?" Yeah, I can see how Rosco makes a good author dog.

My author dog is pretty much deaf now, I'm hoping from natural causes and not from listening to me read my ms aloud...

Craig F said...

Rosco is gorgeous. There are times that i would much prefer a placid working dog over cats.

A dog that hung and waited for their person, rather than cats that force the issue using their schedule. Jumping in your lap and climbing over the keyboard to stand in front of the monitor.

The last dog in the family was a small female golden. She could be playing football with the boys and just stop and become a babysitter if necessary. It hurt a lot when she passed. I decided that I needed to let my emotions settle and some cats decided better.

Lennon Faris said...

I love Author Dogs! Hello Rosco! So handsome. I have an Author Mutt and she is incredible.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well! Can't wait to read through all the entries from the Sam Hawke contest. I moved houses, so that was fun. (As in not very, but we don't need to go there, I'm just gonna pet my Author Mutt).

Happy Sunday, folks.