Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Flash!

I'm in the office today working away on all those delicious royalty statements we get in August. Yummy!! (it's money so yes, it's very yummy!)

Since I'm working, I thought it would be fun to have a flash flash contest!
I read Lisa Scottoline's ACCUSED yesterday for fun, and it was terrific.  I got it in the swag bag at ThrillerFest (it was a good haul this year!) and would love to pass it along to a blog reader.


Write 25 words or less, using the word accused in your entry.
Post in the comment column of this post.

Contest opens NOW.
It closes when I leave the office today! (So, let's all hope it's not midnight, ok?)


Contest closed.
(Hey it's 5:30pm on Sunday, I wanna go HOME!)


CynthiaMc said...

I stand accused of being a writer.

My brain said no.

My heart says yes.

I am a writer

For better or worse

Til death

Unknown said...

His stare penetrated her green eyes, piercing her soul, measuring her guilt, but it was he who was guilty of what he accused her of.

JMac said...

He disparaged.
She attacked.
Their union dying, and on life support.
She was accountable.
He was to blame.
Now stagnant, accused of their own demise.

Unknown said...

“You ate my Pocky Sticks!” he accused red faced. She snickered, making her little brother angrier. “They’re right here,” she said, reaching behind his ear.

Amy Schaefer said...

You were unjust when you accused me of not caring anymore. Could I hold you under this water so firmly if I didn’t love you?

Catherine Vignolini said...

Not an entry, just a comment:
If Lisa Scottoline has an event near you, go. She's smart, amusing, genuine and encouraging. If you tell her you're a writer, she'll hug you and remember you forever.
And of course she's a terrific storyteller.

Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said...

You accused me of being a bad writer.

How could you?! My blood, sweat and years went into this manuscript.

Now it's your blood on it.

Steve Forti said...

just left. it's hot & funky in there. fair warning.

dayum! u no kidding! nasty! turn on a/c!


use d
eodorant, dude! gross :(

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Ma cursed the rats. An empty cradle accused da. The truck hauled the trash away. The rats kept one bloody hand. Fewer mouths to feed.

Scott Sloan said...

I’ve never been accused of not being able to keep a secret, but you know that tramp Delilah Jones? Well, I saw her and Mr…

InkStainedWench said...

Accused of posting an off-topic comment, she had retreated to the wilderness to survive on locusts and roadkill. Dare she return to civilization?

Lennon Faris said...

Oh, sure. You really read that in a day, Janet?

Addendum: sadly, no one ever found the fishie's remains. You do not accuse da Queen!

Brent Salish said...

France: bigots overrun
When Emile Zola accused
Alabama: justice won
When Rosa Parks refused
Today: coming undone—
Facebook memes
Weightloss schemes
Act properly bemused

Craig F said...

How can I be accused?
Her writer’s dreams of lightning and thunders of desire never flew like my rodeo cowboys.
Angel Montgomery died broken hearted

Emalbom said...

I panicked.

Accused you to save my ass and now it's yours on the line. But my pride's worth more than your freedom.


Carolynnwith2Ns said...

“Who’s the loser who used, abused, and is accused of drinking too much booze?”
“It’s not me,” Penelope said. “It’s Tom or Ted.”

Colin Smith said...

“J’accusé!” declared the detective.
“Je me repent!” declared the accused.
“Je pardonne,” said the wronged to the penitent.
“Je m'en fous,” grinned the executioner.

Barbara said...

They accused him.

He laughed. "Accusations mean nothing. Prove I did it."

They couldn't, and let him go.

Another cookie disappeared from the cookie jar.

Claire Bobrow said...

Here stands the accused
naive, hopeful
while Innocence lies pale
upon a bed
of carefully planted evidence.

Karen McCoy said...

Invisible chains
Concealed bruises
Unsigned divorce papers
Lost insurance claims
Switched address numbers
Burned townhouse
Husband accused...arrested

Unknown said...

Not amused to be bruised, I accused.
He lied, denied, took me for a ride.
I fought, he's caught.
No bail, jail.
Now I'm amused.

Kat Waclawik said...

Red hands: dead giveaway.
Unrepentant. Exultant.
Maximum penalty.
Time out: ten minutes.
Crimson foyer masterpiece: permanent.

RosannaM said...

Accused of doing the laundry wrong one too many times, Gina threw a red bandana in with Jake’s professional white shirts.

Turned on hot.


Stacy said...

Samantha promised to eat after being accused of having anorexia, but like opposing magnets, the glistening noodles refused to transfer from fork’s tines to tongue.

FanManFan said...

I axed to be accused and so they let me go.

Timothy Lowe said...

Accused of glamping, Loretta decided to show the boys:

Bluetooth speaker,
Grizzly mpeg

Curling iron + Voluminous updo = instant bear scare.

Afterward, she roared laughter.

Gypmar said...

“I’m not the type to use violence.”
“No one’s accused you of that.”
Her fingers gripped the knife’s handle.
“Not yet they haven’t.”

Megan V said...

People have shot accusations at me all my life.


And everybody believed them.

But when I accused him?


Nobody believed me.

Kelsie Kasandria said...

I've never been the same since the accident. He accused me of causing this pain. But nobody really knows who killed our son. My son.

Mike Hays said...

The accused rebellion robot escaped through chaos toward the prison's exit after a fortunate electrical glitch derailed its execution. Freedom. Freedom! Then all went black.