Saturday, April 01, 2017

Writing contest? What writing contest?


Claire Bobrow said...

I couldn't sleep. This isn't helping.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Don't chah just love days like today ?

Brigid said...

While reading the rules, IJ messed in protest. Think that says it all. Le uffda.

Colin Smith said...

“Scram!” said Felicity Woopenwarph. Scapegrace retreated to his basket, but he wasn’t beaten yet. Felicity wiped the slobber from her slipper and returned it to her foot.
Scapegrace fortified his gaze. Waited. Waited. Jumped.
“What the…?” Felicity tried to push him off but Scapegrace’s teeth held firm. “Let go you stupid animal!” She tried to release the slipper but Scapegrace kept swinging her foot out of reach. One last tug and Felicity slipped off the chair.
A second later, a sinkhole opened up, swallowing the chair and half her living room. Felicity sat on the edge.
“Good boy!” she smiled.

roadkills-r-us said...

Mom always warned me my face would freeze like this.
I never believed her.
And it never happened.
Until Elsa showed up.