Monday, August 29, 2016

The blog is going to the dogs, Day 29


Sooty likes boxes, shoe boxes preferred, but anything half her size will do. This is last year's pic. I used the box for transporting surplus tomatoes from my garden to the church where they were free for the taking.

Not sure if my cat has a secret desire to be a Black Krim or is desperate to get out of the family. Either way, she has her 'tude on.


Carolynnwith2Ns said...

A sweet tomato fur-sure.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I love cats in boxes

Kitty said...

Cats loves boxes AND big cats love boxes, too!

DLM said...

2Ns: hee. Very sweet!

Around my house, we call this KIDDENINNABOX, and what better place is there for a cat than in a box? Boxed cats are the best. Goss even voluntarily climbs into his travel carrier when it's around. He also has a fort - a bench recently placed in front of a window, covered exactly to the floor with a lovely blanket. He likes hiding in it *and* napping upon it.

Happy Monday to OP, to Sooty, and to all!

Jennifer R. Donohue said...

Such attitude! I love the facial expressions of cats.

It's funny, in my family (and certainly after two of us worked for the Cat Fancier's Association), we refer to adopted cats vs. purchased purebreeds as "Free Cats". Taken, I'm sure, from the "free to a good home" newspaper options. But all of everybody's cats have been free cats.

Barbara Etlin said...

Sooty's a cutie. Her attitude reminds me of a newspaper photo of an owl sleeping on top of a No Parking sign. :-)

Catherine Vignolini said...

Cats are drawn to boxes in the hope they've located their spaceship. I thought everybody knew that.

Sooty, take me to your leader.

Donnaeve said...

Cats and boxes...cats and wrapping paper...cats with paper towel holder tubes...all of it entertaining for them and The Humans!

My cat Jax used to love the curly plastic thing that comes off when you open a plastic jug of milk. I don't know how he heard me opening one - maybe there was a little bit of a popping noise, but he would come a running. I'd toss it to him (I called it his "treasure") and he'd roll around on the floor playing with it for hours. It used to just crack me up some of the ways he'd contort his body with this little bitty plastic ring - like he was wrestling a snake.

Kitty Great videos! Loved them.

Melanie Sue Bowles said...

HA! I love this...

julieweathers said...

I love this picture and I agree about cats and boxes, even big cats. I've seen that video before and it's fascinating to watch.

I also agree about the wrapping paper. One Christmas, my oldest son let George the chinchilla out to play with the cat and the wrapping paper. George and Harman the cat loved chasing each other, but George was a ball of energy and would jump up on the hall wall then ping back and forth from one wall to the other zigzagging away from Harman like a rocket. That usually frustrated Harman enough he quit chasing him.

Anyway, George was diving through the wrapping paper with gay abandon and George kept pouncing on it hoping to catch him. George had already come out the other side and was behind him just watching Harman playing whack a chinchilla with a missing chinchilla.

Cats are funny creatures. They make such good companions. Sooty looks like a true life mate. Congratulations to the lucky owner.

Susan said...

My best friend's cat tried to squeeze herself into a plastic drinking cup once. I can't say I blame them--I'm pretty fond of small spaces/nooks, too.

Love this picture, Opie! You have a gem of a feline friend :)

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Sooty likes so comfy and confident and content. Cats love boxes. For whatever reason, the smaller the box, the more a cat likes to squeeze his/her too-big-body into it. It's absolutely amazing.

All of the cats I've ever had, as a child or grown, were freebies (well, except vet shots), adopted babies of either feral cats who found a wild spot on our property or prolific barn cats creating too many litters for a farmer's needs.

BJ Muntain said...

Awww. A cat in a box. She's feeling safe there.

Sooty's a beauty!

Peggy Rothschild said...

Love the "Sooty's a beauty" rhyme. Great face and, obviously, a great cat.

Our cats love boxes, bags and baskets. We have a smallish basket -- realistically big enough to hold one mid-size cat. Our Ahab (who left us last April) was a very large cat. But he loved that basket and would manage to wriggle himself into it every afternoon (when the sun hit it just right). Once he was comfortably settled, his adopted sister, Mei-Mei, would pile in on top of him. He never complained and the two of them would fall asleep like that.

Joseph Snoe said...

My Brigada loves paper bags and high places. She really enjoys our basement filled with air conditioning ductwork and plumbing pipes.

She also loves rubber bands, the bigger the better.

DLM said...

Donna, I have never tried the paper towel or TP core with Gossamer, but he does love the milk ring (or the little doodad inside the screw cap opening of cartoned milk/juice). Tiny plastic! Wheeeeeeeee!

Our dog when I was in middle/high school and into college was a cocka-poo named Lucy. If you talked to her through a paper towel tube, she went mad for fully five minutes, running in circles. Lucy also learned that my brother had flatus issues, and if you ever needed to get rid of her all you needed to do was blow a raspberry at her. She would run in terror and not come back.

Joseph, Gossamer the Editor Cat is in the habit of lurking at contractors on the ducts in our basement. World's best habitrail, that. And it gives 'em a jump and a laugh when confronted with his giant pair of Cheshire Cat green, luminous eyeballs.

My stars, pets are outta sight.

Lennon Faris said...

haha! I do feel like she knows what's written on that box.

Catherine - lol!

Karen McCoy said...

Ha!I think she knows. Such mischief in her eyes! Beautiful kitty.

Claire Bobrow said...

Sooty, you're a charmer! This one's for you (with apologies to Dr. Seuss):

The sermon was over
I was too pooped to play
So I sat there, I did,
With my “Free” sign that day.
And I said to Black Krim,
“This is no place to stay,
In a box with you saucy tomatoes all day!”

“Cause I’m Sooty the cat,
And as cute as can be,
Sitting here tucked in a box
That says “Free.”
I’ll get snatched up for sure -
There is not any doubt.
So after my snooze
I’ll hop up and get out!”

Beth said...

Very cute, Claire. Kitty, love the videos, especially the extra large cat getting into the extra small box. I sometimes feel like that trying to put on pantyhose.

Sooty is adorable, and I, too, am fairly sure she can read, but she knows you'd never let her go. She looks like a sweetheart.

Panda in Chief said...

Cats in boxes, cats in bags, and cats in bowls. I used to keep a large ceramic bowl on a narrow table behind the couch, and my cat of the time, the now long departed Sedro Woolly, started curling up in the bowl when he was a tiny kitten. He continued sleeping there till he was a large cat that overflowed the bowl. And yes, I would wash it before using it for slad.

Love your tribute to Dr. Seuss, Claire!

Kae Ridwyn said...

I miss having a cat around the house. Boxed or unboxed, either is fine. Perhaps next year.

This photo of Sooty is simply adorable :)

Craig F said...

That look. I have had cats that when I saw that look I would keep my hands to myself. Then again all cats are not gray after midnight so maybe that look is a plea to be petted.

A lovely young lady like her looks like she is well acquainted with being patted.

AJ Blythe said...

I love cats that hide in boxes. Glad there weren't any tomatoes in it!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet face. We all should be so content when our bodies are too big for the container we squish them into. My cat doesn't seem to care much for boxes. She's more of a bag lady, even better if the bag has a handle she can push her head into and get it stuck around her neck. Then she dashes around frantically with it dragging behind her, like she's fleeing from an extra shadow.

Also, I had to look up Black Krim, so thank you for that opportunity to expand my knowledge. :)

CynthiaMc said...

That look clearly says "You can't afford me."

Jen said...

This pic made my day. :-)

Andrea said...

Cats and boxes :-) One of the things I love about cats is their attitude, and Sooty looks like she has plenty of that!