Friday, January 22, 2016

Day Two of the crud

still hiding under the covers.


Stephen G Parks said...

Wow, it's my afternoon - truly the wee hours of the morning for you (13 hours difference). I hope you get some sleep.

Take care of yourself.

You may find some entertainment reading the comments in yesterday's thread. They're posted with love and respect and just a little piracy.

Be warm, be well.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Oh sweetie, hang in. We're on our way over with...wait a minute...I'm staying home. I don't want to get it. Love ya...really.

AJ Blythe said...

I'll bottle some of our Aussie summer up and send it over. Get well soon!

Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

I hope you feel well enough to read. Sending get well wishes with a Hot Toddy.

Brigid said...

I hope you can bribe or bully a neighbor kid into picking up the obligatory french toast materials before the storm. And some sort of Thai or Chinese meal with shrimp, veg, and firebreathing spices. It's my go-to if I run out of broth.

Rest well, Janet. There are a lot of woodland creatures sending warmth and prayers.

SiSi said...

Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself, both for the illness and the approaching storm.

Colin Smith said...

Awww... :( I feel bad for you, Janet. Maybe I can send FirstBorn up there to make you home-made crumpets and lava cake? :)

For the Shark Tank, since Janet's out another day, how about we extend yesterday's flash fiction challenge another day? Let's brighten up Janet's convalescence with some 100-word fun!


Prompt words: snark, malevolent, evil, booze, vitriol
Challenge closes: Midnight according to your timezone.
Rules: The usual (100 words, must contain the prompt words, etc.)


E.M. Goldsmith said...

Herbal tea. It cures everything. And rest. We promise to clean up when we're done. You know when the shark is away, the minions will play.

Get well. Take the weekend. I am sure there are some of us close enough by to brave the blizzard and bring you whatever you need. Chicken soup, bourbon, additional loaner cats? Sending healing vibes your way.

nightsmusic said...

Oh, Ms Shark, QOTKU, I'm so sorry. I spent four days in bed over Christmas and then four more on the couch and I'm still fighting the congestion. Please take care, get rest and don't end up with the creeping mung like I have. It sucks.

Get well very soon. We'll try not to make a mess while you're gone.

Lennon Faris said...

I'm sorry to hear this, I'm with you today. Nose is running and I lost my voice! Hope you can rest some and don't forget to drink a lot (of water :) Hope you get well soon.

Lisa Bodenheim said...

Stay under the covers. Be warm. Be cozy. And hope that blizzard isn't quite so ferocious as the predictors are warning. And get well soon. We miss your sharquely humour.

Gabby Gilliam said...

Stay warm, stay safe, and best wishes for a speedy expulsion of the the crud. At least you'll get lots of reading done? Maybe?

Kitty said...

Don't worry, we're still here :)

Theresa said...

Day two of get well wishes coming your way.

Sherry Howard said...

He swaggered his pompous tuchus into town, red pen on his hip and smelling of booze, cheap day-old booze. He wore cheap shoes.

“Heard the shark is unavailable. I got whatcha need.” His evil eyes glinted with greed. “I got connections, and you only need $200 to get started. I'll publish your book. You'll make millions.”

The multitude of minions made a movement away as he spilled his vitriolic, acidic, snark about their leader. They’d save their leader’s sharkdom from this malevolent beast or die trying.

When the shots rang out, they stood firm. And you know what that meant.
Janet, hope you're better soon.
PS. Hope you find all of this humorous and not annoying. We're like kids trying to make a sick mother smile.

Amanda Capper said...

Loaner cat probably gave it to you. Snickering somewhere.

BunnyBear said...

You: "I have to leave for work now."
Loaner Cat: "But I want to snuggle with you all day."
You: "I'll be home by 7 tonight."
Loaner Cat: "The Universe owes me a favor."
You: "Really? You're a cat."
Loaner Cat: "Don't estimate the length of my influence."
You: "Sorry. I'm leaving now."
Loaner Cat (thinking): Well, at least I warned her.

Megan V said...

Hang in there QOTKU!

*posts obligatory cat poster*

Janice L. Grinyer said...

Oh no! Wishing you healing wishes right now! Two days in a row of feeling like crap is not good - Please take care!

S.D.King said...

Get well soon, Jannie, or JanJan or what ever your mother might have called you when she would draw the curtains and pat your head, thermometer in hand. We miss you.

On another topic, last week we talked plots and I mentioned that I was taking a plot class from Rebecca Petruck (multiple award winning author). The class was online last night and I would like to report that it was really helpful! I feel like I have a much better roadmap to 1) discovering the weaknesses of my plot 2) making the RIGHT changes to move the story more effectively. Therefore, I highly recommend it. Note: she is a MG kid author.

Aside: people really need to be more aware of how they look on a FUZE screen sharing meeting app. We had one woman who seemed to think the screen was more a mirror for her grooming (some of it quite personal). It is going to be awhile before I can get some of those images out of my head.

Dave Rudden said...

Totally not appropriate but funny. Get well soon Janet

Sick Gram

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Janet, I'm very sorry to hear you're still sick. I hope you have someone who can get you some medicine and soothing food. Stay hydrated and warm. Rest. Try not to worry about the kids gone wild here. On the plus side, there will be no viral videos.

Anonymous said...

PS to the Reiders. I'd like to suggest visiting more blogs. I stopped by John Frain's yesterday and he had an excellent post. I intended to make more, but Son 3 took me out to dinner and I got sidetracked.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

I concur with Julie. I am going to start lurking about on various Reider blogs. Some of you are quite entertaining and full of interesting information.

Donnaeve said...

I'm sorry you've still got the creeping crud. Hiding under the covers sounds like just the thing to do. That and skipping something hot. Preferably tea, soup, or a toddy.

Here's to you feeling better soon!

I'll be visiting blogs once I'm done writing for the day.

Panda in Chief said...

While the shark is away, the minions still play! Feels like an opportunity to go wildly off topic, but really, I don't have anything to say, except get well soon Janet. Hope you still have a loaner cat at your apartment. Nothing like having a sleeping cat on your bed or couch with you when you feel sick. I'm pretty sure they have healing powers. Plus panda videos. Just saying.

Melissa Guernsey said...

Feel better soon...

Panda in Chief said...

I took a brief visit to the blog page and then REALLY I am getting to work!

Angie, I love your paintings! Only my panda satire blog is listed here, but if Colin feels so inclined, maybe he could add my fine art blog, as I see some people have more than one site listed. My fine art stuff is at thanks in advance, Colin.
Angie, we have a very similar aesthetic and are drawn to painting some of the same kinds of images. So lovely to see another realist painter!

BJ Muntain said...

I hope you feel better soon, Janet. :(

For some cheering up, the Canadian National Film Board put out some great short videos in the 70s and 80s.

These are my two favourite:

The Log Driver's Waltz

The Cat Came Back

I may have posted one or two of these another time, but these are the kind of classics that never get old.

I hope you enjoy them. (((hugs)))

Colin Smith said...

Panda: I have added to the list.

Anyone else have any adds or adjustments I need to make? To The List, that is. I can't fix all your personal issues... ;)

Lilac Shoshani said...

I'm sending more loving and healing blessings your way, Janet! <3

Kregger said...

“Dude. Don’t you know the difference between victuals and vitriol?”

“Ya mean viddles and hooch?”

“Yes, food. Booze, no.”

But, an “ol” ending denotes an alcohol group. Y’know, duh-uh!? Like the evils of single malts.”

“You’re an educated idiot, Bill. The cure for and the cause of all of life’s problems isn’t malevolent snark, you dumb ar-Kans-ass.”

“Like you calling me a short-hair on an elephant’s naughty bits?”

“Say what!? Dude! Look it up.”

“Shut up, Hil.”

“I hear Monica is looking for as a cigar humidor, Bill. Why not call her.”

Foreplay, now over, the real work begins.

Ms. Reid,
I know, not really a story, but I hope it acts as an expectorant. Get well!?

BJ Muntain said...

Folks, if you've looked at my web page these last couple days, I ask you to look one more time - specifically this blog post: "PTSD and First Responders

It's a guest post by a very good friend of mine, and she wrote a terrific piece on PTSD in first responders, and why it's important to address this in fiction.

Not looking to increase anyone's bankroll or anything besides, I hope, awareness.

Lucie Witt said...

BJ, thank you for sharing that post. It explained things in a very easy to understand way. I sent a link to my mom - she's a nurse who works with PTSD patients (soldiers) and sometimes family members have trouble understanding what PTSD is.

Colin, I'm shooting you an email with my blog info :)

Janet, we are all hoping you feel better soon. Sending you thoughts of bourbon and other warm things.

Kelsey Hutton said...

Feel better soon, Janet!

Also, thank you BJ! That article is directly relevant to my writing right now. Also, funny to see it's by another Kelsey : )

John Frain said...

You're way too kind. My blog, like my manuscript, is a work in progress. Still figuring things out. Maybe I can sweet talk Martha and Tillie into guest blogging one day!

Kegger, nice expectorant. If I knew how to do a smiley face, I'd a put one here. I think calling Bill an educated idiot was both accurate and expectorating.

Great weekend, all. May you find time and energy for writing and editing, and no time for adverbing.

Mona Zarka said...

Get well soon, Janet!

Bonnie Shaljean said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're ill. Here's a mug of hot toddy,
Irish-style (whiskey, hot water, a slice of lemon with
cloves stuck through it, and a pinch of sugar). Purely
medicinal, of course. c[ ]

nightsmusic said...

BJ, very timely. I was just involved in a discussion about this a few days ago. Though it has not happened to me, I have seen other first responders as well as other hospital workers who experience PTSD in their line of work.

Panda in Chief said...

Colin, thanks for adding my fine art site to the board. I wouldn't want anyone to think I'd spent 7 years in advanced art education just so I could draw bears behaving badly. (Not that it would be a bad thing, mind you)
Thanks Donnaeve for the visit to all my various web presences. As you noted, the only one that gets much attention is Your Brain on Pandas...because....pandas!

Janet, are you better yet?
How about now?
More hot toddies, more cats. That's the ticket.

Donnaeve said...

You're welcome, oh Panda In Chief! I'm still visiting and on - in between freaking out when the wind blows and the ICE falls onto the roof which sounds like the GIANT TREE beside the house is about to crash through said roof and IMPALE ME.

I need a drink.

Stephen G Parks said...

Adding to BJ's list of Canadian NFB films, I think we watched Paddle to the Sea at least once a year.

nightsmusic said...

@Donnaeve: I want you to know my pop just spewed all over my keyboard, thank you very much! :P

Thank goodness it's diet...

Donnaeve said...

HA, nightsmusic, even at my own peril, I stand here at this keyboard risking an ice stabbing to reply back to you!

Which btw...I tried to "visit" you...earlier. Ahem.

Lance said...

I was in the most unusual bar the other night. Not in the classiest part of town. The clientele had evolved as a hangout almost exclusively for retired, female, Marine gunnery sergeants and nuns bitter over not making Mother Superior.
Violence simmered under the careful watch of a Buddhist monk dressed in drag as Dorothy.
"There is no place like home."
I ordered rye. On the rocks.
Dorothy winked at me.

Donnaeve said...

Oh. By the "ahem," I mean, I couldn't comment. (at your Al...XXXX site.) It said, "comments off."


Stephen G Parks said...

Donna, I tried to comment on your site when you first told us about your publishing deal. I couldn't unless (according to the oh-so-helpful message) I made a WordPress account that allowed them access to my twitter feed (with no explanation as to what "access" meant). That was why I ended up tweeting you directly instead.

Panda in Chief said...

Donnaeve, I feel your fear of impending doom through the crashy-ness of large trees. Fortunately, we don't at least at the moment, have the additional icicle peril. We are just having a minor flood. As far as I know, the hillside (not steep) that I live on is presumably stable. My driveway looks like a little mountain stream and I hope that the large trees that surround my house had enough of a chance to develope very deep roots.
And Colin, why can't you fix all my other problems?
See Janet? We need to to get better soon. Someone is going to start swinging from the chandelier any minute now.

Anonymous said...


"Maybe I can sweet talk Martha and Tillie into guest blogging one day!"

Wouldn't that be interesting? We'll have to make that happen. In the meantime, Dr. John Frain, respected Baltimore doctor and Confederate spy made his appearance in The Rain Crow. I hope you don't mind.

Colin Smith said...

Panda: Certain technical issues to do with The List, certainly. Other things, however, are best handled by your spouse/pastor/priest/psychiatrist/other medical professional. :)

nightsmusic said...

Donna, really? Comments off? I actually don't blog on Blogger. I pay for a hosting site. I haven't ever used the Blogger one, though it did pick up a post from a year and a half ago that I posted here with shark earrings. Is that what you saw?

I haven't blogged at all for the past year. I know, I truly took to heart Janet's admonition to be searchable. And I need to be. And I will be. As soon as I figure out something to say. I write. I just have a hard time blogging. I don't think anyone cares what goes on in my tiny mind ;)

Adib Khorram said...

Here's to fighting the creeping crud!

Get well, soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Donna on being nervous about the trees. I love the tall pines and huge stately oaks in my yard . . . until we have sleet and freezing rain. The wind is supposed to pick up tomorrow as the front moves through and the pine branches, especially, are coated with ice. We're having a bit of a lull right now. Well, the sleet has stopped snicking against the windowpanes, anyway. I feel fortunate to still have power and internet.

Janet, I'm sorry you're still feeling awful. Hope you have minions to fetch things for you. It sucks to have to make your own chicken soup when you're sick.

Anonymous said...

*swings from chandelier, singing the song of my people* Pay attention to me and my brilliance! LOVE ME!

On a writing-related topic, someone was stirring up the woodland critters in my writer's FB group with an old article (written five years ago about experiences five years before that) about how your query isn't "done" until you get a 75% request rate.

To make it better, the article starts off by calling everyone who disagrees with him "wrong" in so many words. Gotta love it.

Angie Gregory said...

Here's hoping you feel better soon! I agree with some of the others, herbal tea should help. And REST! :)

Pam Powell said...

When you get sick, remember: it's not God's swill. It's a time to wrap yourself tightly in the warm blanket of appreciation we all (including God!) have for you. Peace. Quiet. Love. Health.

LynnRodz said...

Sending you healing thoughts so you get better soon, Janet. At least you're safe at home and not in the blizzard heading your way.

Panda, I love your work as I do Angie's. It only goes to prove what I said a few days ago when I disagreed with most of the comments. Creative people can and very often do excel in more than one thing. You and Angie are good examples of that.

Kae Ridwyn said...

Oh Janet, I hope you're on the mend! Sending best wishes for the speediest of speedy recoveries for you, because being ill is no fun. It was on the tip of my brain to write 'Keep warm; well fed" but then it segued into "we're always here for you" - and then visions of The Tigger Movie started on a loop through my head. Sigh. Kids, huh?! You think you're almost sane, and then... Oh well.
Get well soon!

Kae Ridwyn said...

Oh, and Colin, I'd love you to add my blog to the list... but at the moment it's suffering technical difficulties of the almost insurmountable sort, so isn't playing nicely when it loads. Hopefully, it'll be fixed within the next few weeks, and then people could visit... so maybe I should just let you know when it's up and working again? Anyway, it's if you wanted to add it now.

Her Grace, the Duchess of Kneale said...

Had a chance to browse half Carkoon's Most Wanted. Y'all are an bunch. Must get to the rest later.

When I have a cold and my nose is stuffe, I love wafting the fumes of eucalyptus oil. Opens those air passages right up. Is also good for removing sticky stuff (like stickers and tape) from surfaces. Only thing I know that will do that neatly. We use it in the library all the time to remove stubborn price stickers from paperbacks.

When Sheldon Cooper gets sick, his mom sings:
Soft kitty, warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr.