Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ordering books from international authors

 The second book by Marie Phillips (she wrote the hilarious Gods Behaving Badly) doesn't have a US publisher yet. This strikes me as 1) a goddamn travesty, and 2) an opportunity for you to help writers and readers Read and Sell Without Borders.

How should readers buy books from international authors when publishers in their own countries haven't seen the light?

Shop on  and pay international shipping?

Please become Queen of the Known Universe ASAP and address this grievous humanitarian issue.

oh my dears, I weep with shame that I have not mentioned where one can order all sorts of books and get free shipping.

However, unless my eyes deceive me, I can't find any other books by Marie Phillips.  


Anita Joy said...

Book Depository... is there a 12 step program? I have so many books on order I have to keep a notebook list so I can mark them off when they arrive. Don't even mention the ones I have on pre-order *sigh*.

For those of you unfamiliar with BD, they usually send the books individually, so that can mean lots and lots (and lots) of packages.

Joseph Snoe said...

Does "Warhorses of Letters" count?

Lesley said...

I find the book depository's also a good place to try and find alternative covers for books, as they often have editions from multiple countries. I love a matching set!

In fact, their only failing is the very slow shipping time, but you can hardly complain about that when it's free. (I do complain about it because I'm very spoiled, but I'm working on that!)

Darcy said...

Oh! Thank you! I have some books I've wanted to order, but didn't want to order from Amazon with their current book nonsense.

Lance said...

Thank you for this link and for the mention of Ms. Phillips. But weep not, for this is but a mustard seed against the mountain range of good and useful information you provide.

nightsmusic said...

BD is AWESOME to use a very overused and often inappropriately used word. But it is. Especially considering I have a Prime membership with Amazon, but it only is any good on the US site and doesn't translate to any others.

Angie Brooksby said...

"How should readers buy books from international authors when publishers in their own countries haven't seen the light?"

What does this mean? I don't understand the question.

If the author isn't published in French or Italian or Idunno how can we even know they exist?

Ailsa said...

Haha, the asker is experiencing the problems people in the rest of the world (UK included! :) ) face all the time!
The other downside to BD apart from the time it sometimes takes to ship is that it's owned by Amazon, too - I know lots of people who try to avoid using amazon & it's associated companies.

Steve Stubbs said...

Well, I find books on, where I can find foreign publishers, rare books, out of print, second hand, etc. Don't know if there are more than one Marie Phillips or not, but I see lots of titles with that author name, including signed first edition copies of GODS BEHAVING BADLY.