Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"New York's year round foliage"

A lovely little 3minute film for you today


Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Ha! And to think I thought this was about abducting old women.

I have a kite tangled at the top of the tallest tree at the edge of our yard. That flapping piece of plastic has been there for two years. It's an Angry Birds kite. No, really it has an Angry Birds logo on it. said...

Bless them for what they do. Can you imagine what the trees/buildings would look like if they didn't do this?

Once, off of one of the small local highways...people began to write in to news stations, the paper, complaining about that poor kitty that had been stuck in the tree for days. Then came comments about how it must getting weaker, it barely moved, and animal activists started becoming outraged it had been left to die. Upon closer inspection, compliments of a local cameraman, Black Kitty was finally identified as Black Bag. The righteous and indignant souls who were on the verge of making Save Black Kitty t-shirts disappeared. Peace and calm returned to the little town.

End of story.

Elissa M said...

I live out on the edge of nowhere. Very rarely does any trash snag in the trees here. I think I saw one bag once in five years. And, since our trees are short, it was easy to retrieve.

I love that there are people who care enough to clean up the trees in NY. Wouldn't it be even better if the trash didn't get there in the first place? Yes, it's just a symptom of too many people in too small an area, not really that New Yorkers are any messier than other folks. That's one reason you'll never ever ever get me to live in a city again.

Kate Higgins said...

Plastic bags are banned in Olympia and Seattle and in a bunch of other cities in Washington's catching on,hopefully everywhere. There is nothing sadder than strangled sea birds or a dead seal full of useless plastic that was mistaken for a fish. And nothing uglier than a discarded plastic bag in the sea or the trees....

Janet Reid said...

A lot of those bags get there when they escape trash bins on street corners. It's not that we're more untidy than other places, we just live on the streets more, haul more stuff by hand, and well..there are just MORE of us.

Bette Midler funded this project. I think she's amazing for doing this.

Elissa M said...


I totally did not mean to imply New Yorkers are litterbugs. It's just that when you get a lot of people in one place, you get a lot of trash. I think it's marvelous that people (Bette Midler and others) try to clean up after humanity, and I loved this story.

I was (apparently poorly) attempting to say the crush of people in big cities and all the things that go with a dense population are why I choose to live where I do. I've lived in cities (even visited New York) and while there are lots of good things (museums, libraries, theaters, bookstores...), for me the good doesn't outweigh the bad (traffic, pollution, trash, noise...). But I had a neighbor who called where I live "the third circle of Hell" and couldn't wait to move back to LA. So, it's definitely one of those different strokes things.

Eliza said...

I never knew bag retrieval was such a complicated process. And for some people it's all part of the job. See, this is what I like about stories. You can step into another person's life and see how their little world works.

DC Lozeau said...

Years ago when I worked for a software company in central NE, I made many a trip to NYC. Since NYC is a 24/7 city, I can see where this problem comes from.

Apart from the satifaction that this job creates (along with some good excercise) maybe another solution would be is to use small hand operated drones. Adrone with a small skyhook. How much fun would that be!