Thursday, November 07, 2013

I'll see your Florida, and raise you the Atlantic!

I thought Warren Richey's story of  the Ultimate Florida Challenge, a water race around the state of Florida (recounted in WITHOUT A PADDLE) was pretty darn amazing. Seems like the stakes for amazing just got raised!

Adam Rackley's SALT, SWEAT, TEARS: The Men Who Rowed the Oceans, fewer people have rowed across the Atlantic than have climbed Everest; the author is among them; for 70 days he and his rowing partner ate, slept and rowed in a boat seven metres long and two metres wide, in one of the world's most extreme environments; this is his story of adventure, endurance and self-discovery and the history of those that came before them, to Patrick Nolan at Penguin, for publication in Fall 2014, by Kate Burton at Penguin UK on behalf of Alex Christofi at Conville & Walsh (NA).

And here's some video of them just for fun (it's almost an hour long but well worth it)


french sojourn said...

I can't even imagine that kind of journey.
My dad (25 years old) sailed the Atlantic solo in 47, in a 38 foot wooden p.o.c. sailboat, even as daft as he was considered I don't think he would have attempted that. Of course there are those that would have argued he essentially bailed his way across the Atlantic.
His boat was called the Seven Seas, as he thought he had pumped them through the bilge.
Cheers Hank

Anonymous said...

I hope they had spare paddles.

Amy Schaefer said...

When we sailed across the Pacific last year, people back home told me how brave I was, how tough and hard-core. I just shook my head - not even close. People like this are the ones taking a real risk.