Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday morning at the Question Emporium

 If I submitted a modified excerpt of an unpublished novel to a short story writing competition, and if it were to get selected and published, would it hurt the novel's chances of getting picked up by a publisher? Is it a different story if it wins, rather than merely reaching 2nd-25th 'runner-up' status?


The more ways you can be editorially published while you're looking for an agent, the better.  By editorially I mean your work is vetted by an editor. Contests sure. Magazines be they online or print. It can't hurt and it might help. I regularly read Alfred Hitchcock Mystery magazine looking for fresh voices and interesting writers.

Plus there's a lot to be said for periodically changing up what you're writing.  Working on a short story as a break from the novel might help you see things in a new light.  I'm a great believer in moving furniture for the same reason.

Or as Dad would say to Mum "where do you want the piano this week?"


T.D. Hart said...

Great question! I had been wondering the same thing.

Isn't there a percentage limit, though? Seems I've seen a 'more than ten percent shall not have appeared previously in print' clause. Or am I making that up?

William Landrum said...

Can I tack on a similar but slightly different question? What about a novel contest, like the Bath one? If a book is tied up in that, does (or could)that preclude it from being picked up by an agent or a publisher?

Johnny Ray said...

Having an article in one magazine is nice, but what about having your article syndicated and released many places.
Here is one place that I use just for an example

NotaWarriorPrincess said...

You have a wonderful Dad.

Elissa M said...

"The more ways you can be editorially published while you're looking for an agent, the better."

People. Stop stressing out about stuff that doesn't matter. We writers can be amazingly neurotic at times...

Quit distracting yourselves. Write.

Carolynnwith2Ns said...

I love Hitchcock Magazine. Used to read it all the time. I think I have one I haven't read yet. Off to find it.