Thursday, September 05, 2013


It's always fun to see other language editions of books I've sold, particularly the ones published in Japan.  Here's CRASHERS by Dana Haynes (the book in the background is his new one ICE COLD KILL!)

Notice the size? I'm not sure if this is the standard size in Japan but they're wonderful to hold and remarkably easy to read.

And of course because Japanese is read right to left the binding is on the right side and the book opens "backwards" to our way of thinking.

CRASHERS for those of you who haven't read it yet:

Whenever a plane goes down, a “Go Team” is assembled to investigate. The members of that team—each a leading expert in a specific field—are known as Crashers.

Portland, Oregon: A passenger plane has gone down. Enter NTSB investigator and pathologoist “Tommy” Tomzak who leads his team—a voice recorder specialist, bomb expert, engineer, mechanic, pilot, and crime scene specialist among them—to grapple with the evidence.

Usually the Crashers have months to determine the cause of a crash. But this time it’s different: The plane appears to have been brought down deliberately. The enemy might be one of their own. And an off-site operative who made a name for herself in Israeli intelligence has just made a catastrophic discovery: In less than three days, terror will strike the U.S. airways yet again…

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french sojourn said...

My first thought was Patrick Lee's beginning of The Breach. Sounds like more reading material, love the concept.

Christine Finlayson said...

I really enjoyed Crashers and Breaking Point. Will have to check out Ice Cold Kill, too.

Colin Smith said...

My daughter confirms that the book title is CRASHERS in the Japanese (it's actually kurasha-zu). And she translated your blog title too. She's a 17-year-old Asiaphile who's teaching herself Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. OK, I'll stop being the proud daddy and congratulate Dana. :) Seriously, it must be awesome seeing your work in other languages.

Steve Stubbs said...

Your blog readers will dispute it, but the statement "In less than three days, terror will strike the U.S. airways yet again" tells us this is a thriller. Interesting way to start the Ticking Clock. I was also intrigued that the author tells us on the very first page that one of the Crashers is responsible. I'll have to read this and see what else I can learn.

Wry Girl said...

That is a standard size for commercial fiction novels in Japan, and there are often illustrations spaced throughout (just four or five per novel). I hope you'll be lucky and get illustrations! :D

I will point out that your blog title is in casual form, which can be taken as insulting, especially if the person being thanked is 'above' you as a publisher might be considered. You'd want arigatou gozaimasu (present, they're helping you right this instant) or arigatou gozaimashita (for a past favor or help, can be a few minutes past even). I'm not sure how to put Japan in as the subject of thanks. If we learned that grammar structure, I don't remember it. Full points for figuring out how to get the font to switch to Japanese... it's been a pain to get my computer to regularly do so. :)

Janet Reid said...

I shall chastise Google translate for not giving me proper form! I know enough to watch my du/sie in German, and vous/tu in French but my Japanese is limited to bowing and remembering to look at the floor while I do!