Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A nicer QueryShark

My friend and colleague Sorche Fairbank is offering a query revision workshop at Grub Street (in Boston) this month. You'd be CRAZY to pass up this chance to get your query polished up.

Here are the details:
Query Clinic

Saturday, June 29th, 10:30am-5:30pm at Grub Street headquarters.

A one day intensive session on query letters. For the first half of the class, agent Sorche Fairbank of Fairbank Literary will take the class through the shelf-life of a query, dissect its four most important components, diagram the essential elements of a query’s synopsis, identify the five most common mistakes authors make in their queries, give insight and tips on how to stand out in the slushpile, and provide a review of a laundry list of query Dos and Don’ts.

After covering all the basics, the instructor will hand back students’ queries, with notes on recommended changes. Students will have time to rework their query in class, by hand or by laptop, and then the instructor will lead a group critique of each reworked query with the class. Amazing changes are expected.

NOTE: I've seen this in person and it IS amazing!

By the close of the class, students should expect to have a strong query letter that gets an agent’s attention, and will have take home notes and class handouts.

Open to all levels, all genres.

Important: Please prepare and email to [lauren at Grubstreet dot org] no later than noon on Monday, June 24th, a query letter of no more than 400 words for the instructor, who will provide comments and edits on the query for use in class, and as a take-home reference.

For Class: Bring two copies of your query, and means to work on revisions (pen and paper, or laptop).

Instructor: Sorche Fairbank

Level: For Everyone
Type: 6-Hour Intensive Class
Max Capacity: 12 students

register here: GrubStreet classes


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great class. Anyone know of any other similar classes offered further south-perhaps D.C. (I'm stuck in N. Carolina)?

80s Queen said...

Oh my, that would be a great class to take. Tell her she needs to offer that online for all of us not lucky enough to live nearby.

nightsmusic said...

*sigh* Sad. So sad...I live in Michigan.

Terri Lynn Coop said...

What the Queen said!!

Cuz some of us live in the Midwest and while I can buy an 1800 sf house on a quarter-acre lot for $30K, the cool stuff per square foot density is a lot lower.

Perhaps Grub Street might offer a webinar?


Teagan Marie said...

Australia. Too bad it's not an online webinar

k.kellie edwards said...

It sounds like a very cool opportunity. Too bad it ain't in Michigan. Or online.

Actually, though, I'd love to go to Boston. Born in MA and I'm a sucker for all things New England, offered or suggested, written or implied.

Crap, why am I thinking about clam chowdah right now? :-)