Friday, January 04, 2013

Just the thing to cheer you up!

Nicki Leone's piece about her rescued pit bull Lucy is just exactly what you need to read.

And if you're looking for more great dog stories, you can't go wrong with I'm A Good Dog by Ken Foster.


FauxMaven said...

It always cheers me up to see positive comments about a maligned breed (Doberman) or type of dog ("pit bull"). Luckily the term Doberman did not become part of the English speaker's lexicon.

Thank you for the blog pointer

Karen lee Hallam said...

Love this. My Pit is a superdog! and wears a cape. (sometimes)

Guilie said...

Great post, and thanks for sharing these links--yep, stereotypes of all sorts annoy me no-end. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there. Stereotyping produces breed-specific legislation, and ends with unnecessary cruelty. Thanks for raising awareness!