Monday, December 24, 2012

Things that made me VERY happy in 2012

FinePrint got new digs!

The move was a total pain in the asterisk, but what move isn't.
I love our new spot though, right in the Flower District and
outside the madness that is Macys during the holiday season.

 The best part of the new location though is a great open air plaza right next to us.

Of course, we had to have help warming up the office so I invited Holly Root
and La Slitherina Herself Barbara Poelle over to get the place properly toasted!


Anonymous said...

New tiny friends, new offices - what a way to start 2013.

Michael Seese said...

From the first picture, I can see that the police seem to be ready for you.

(Yes, it's Christmas morning. Just taking advantage of a lull before the kids wake up and all h3ll breaks loose here!)

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

It's boxing day here in QLD, Australia. Merry Christmas, Janet. Love & blessings for 2013. I'll stroll by the new location in 2013. Thanks for being you. :) Holly has an awesome smile.

Jo Antareau said...

I am so going to steal that phrase Pain in the asterix.